Sterling Silver Scapular?


I saw a scapular similar to this one on my last visit to our Catholic bookstore. It just doesn’t seem ‘right’ to me. I should have asked the clerk about it but didn’t. Has anyone heard of such a thing and is it ‘kosher’? (As my father would say.) Thanks.


May I ask what doesn’t seem right? I’m just learning about scapulars. I enrolled with my priest in the Carmelite brown scapular, wherin I went through a rite that came with it and expressed my devotion to Our Lady of Carmel. I’ve been told that I am entitled to wear a miraculous medal in lieu of the scapular now that I’ve had the rite. I also know that green scapulars and red scapulars have their own rites and are available to the layity, since I’ve seen them at mass. So, it would seem that this is a miraculous medal in lieu of the brown scapular, which I’ve been told is okay by friends and clergy. This looks like a nice item to me, so long as someone was enrolled, and wore it with the proper intent, respect, etc. What is it that I should be seeing as wrong. I’m honestly just trying to learn more about the whole scapular business.





Pope John Paul II allowed us to wear silver or gold scapulars. So yes, it is “kosher”. I am sorry that I don’t know where to point you on this but he did several years prior to his death.

Hope this helps.


Also, the website is VERY CATHOLIC and I trust them…so if it wasn’t “kosher” Aquinas & More wouldn’t sell it.


I was wrong…it wasn’t JPII.

Pope St. Pius X granted the faculty of replacing the Scapular of cloth by a medal when necessary. Thus, one may with the scapular medal receive the three benefits that Our Lady promised: salvation from the fires of Hell, release from Purgatory and the protection against danger to the soul and body.


This faculty is not to be used for vanity or what have you. It is for cases, for example, where one is allergic to wool (as the cloth scapulars are made of woolen cloth) but desires to observe the devotion nonetheless. Sterling silver would be an appropriate option because a lot of people (myself included) are allergic to other metals as well.


Thanks! I guess my feeling it wasn’t right meant that it wasn’t right for me as I have no problem wearing a traditional scapular.


I have both a Scapular medal and regular wool brown scapular. I wear my wool one unless I’m going to be outside and getting sweaty or if I’m swimming. Then I slip the sterling silver medal on. Sometimes I also wear the medal if my skin is bothering me. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful if a spot rubs on me due to any material, wool included. So sometimes I have to “take a break” from the wool one and wear the sterling one. I’m sure the Blessed Mother and Jesus understand.:slight_smile:


I think there’s quite a difference between wearing the wool scapular and scapular medal and one like is on that web page.


Hubby and I own 3 Catholic stores and we sell these, if they were not “right” we would not sell them. God bless.


I saw this on Catholic Encyclopedia about “scapulars:”

The scapular medals

Since 1910 and the regulation of the Holy Office of 16 December of that year (Acta Apost. Sedis, III, 22 sq.) it is permitted to wear, instead of one or more of the small scapulars a single medal of metal. This medal must have on one side a representation of Jesus Christ with His Most Sacred Heart and on the other an image of the Mother of God. All persons who have been validly invested with a blessed woollen scapular may replace such by this medal. The medal must be blessed by a priest possessing the faculty to bless and invest with the scapular or scapulars which the medal is to replace. The faculties to bless these medals are subject to the same conditions and limitations as the faculties to bless and invest with the corresponding scapulars. If the medal is to be worn instead of a number of different scapulars, it must receive the blessing that would be attached to each of them, i.e. as many blessings as the number of scapulars it replaces. For each blessing a sign of the Cross suffices. This medal must also be worn constantly, either about the neck or in some other seemly manner, and with it may be attained all the indulgences and privileges of the small scapulars without exception. Only the small (not the large) scapulars may be validly replaced by such medals.


This actually sounds pretty cool. I’m considering getting one.


I think there’s a difference between a scapular medal and metal scapulars.

I wanted a metal scapular so very badly, and then I read, “The material of these two essential parts of the scapular must be of woven wool; the strings or bands may be of any material, and of any one color.” (from the Catholic Encyclopedia).

So, while a beautiful sacramental, I don’t think that a metal scapular is “kosher,” and am not sure if the medal scapular carried the same indulgences and privileges as the wool one.


The medal scapular does, and it is the quote I posted, which can be found on the same link you gave.

I think it can replace the “FiveFold” Scapular. I’m not entirely certain. I am planning on doing more search on this as I would like to have one. If anything, I’ll end up getting the “FiveFold” scapular.


I am not disagreeing. I think I misspelled “medal scapular” and meant “metal scauplar” in my last post.

I am still going to contend that there is a difference between a

scapular medal (clearly approved)


metal scapulars (not clearly approved).



Ok, now I understand what you mean. I didn’t know that’s what you were talking about.

Someone has to know the answer to this. I do think, though, that the metal scapular is what is being referenced with my quote. At least, that’s what I thought. But now I’m not so sure.


No problem! I saw where I wasn’t being clear and I"m sorry about that.

I think your quote is referring to the scapular medal –
First, throughout your quote, it’s spelled “medal,” as in medallion, not metal as in metallic.
Second, the first sentence reads “a single medal of metal” which is good enough for me.


Miserissima, thank you for pointing out the distinctions. I see what you’re saying and it hadn’t occurred to me.

I posted a question in the “Ask an Apologist” forum with that quote from the New Advent site and asked for clarification on what type of scapular, “metal” or “medal,” that quote meant.

Let’s hope someone answers. :thumbsup:


I am very curious to see! If I miss the answer, would you kindly link it here?


Of course!

BTW, love your signature. :wink:


I just updated it, in case you didn’t see, haha…Thery’re (their? there?) little reminders for me when I type. Lately I really do need new glasses and have to edit my posts a gajillion times to make any sense. Someone called it “mommy brain!”

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