Steroid use in professional sports

  1. Who cares?

  2. Why should I be concerned about it?

  3. Why should Congress be concerned about it?

Personally I couldn’t care any less about this issue no matter how I try. I think people who get all bent out of shape about this need to get a life. Oh, so the wrong person won the game because they cheated. Whoopty doo. I don’t know any of these people or tell my kids to be like them, so they are not a threat to my family.



I cant see what the fuss is all about. Take a look at professional bodybuilding where everyone juices and/or is on growth hormone. These guys (and ladies) are all over the covers of magazines, in movies and the “WWE”, but no one seems to care.

One of the personal trainers at the gym I used to work out in while in high school juiced for 10 years while he was a professional bodygaurd. He’s in perfect health and his doctor who also belonged to the gym vouched for him.

But that doesnt mean kids 21 or younger should use steroids where a guys testosterone levels are naturally the highest of his life.

Yes, adding testosterone will probly make you more aggressve, but you arent compelled to beat the out of everyone you see. But “Roid’s rage” comes from steroid abuse (overdosing).

You want to “protect” your kids from steroids? Buy them a big thing of Whey protein, some Creatine, maybe some L-glutamine, a good multi-vitamin, fish oil, flax seed, put them on a good diet and get them into the gym. There’s no need to use steroids unless youre a professional and need to maintain a bodyfat percentage of 5% or less. Oh, yeah, and have them drink LOTS of water for all the protein their getting.


It is immoral to use illegal steroids.


According to who? So every person who took steriods is not a moral person? Then what about other drugs? Micheal Irvin, Doc Gooden the list goes on and on. Are they considered immoral? Micheal Irvin was charged with possesion of drugs. Guilty. Do we now take away all his superbowl rings that he won? Do we put an * next to his name in the hall of fame? No we don’t, we just let them be. How many games do you think Mike Irvin played under the influence of an illegal substance? What about L. Taylor? Come on, we can go on with this forever. Jose Canseco admitted to taking steroids and he is not even in the same class as Barry Bonds. Steroids in part of the games. Leave it alone.

Major league baseball is spending 2 million dollars a day on this Steroid issue. Let it go. If you test them and they pass move on.


So are you trying to say it is moral?


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