Nice boys finish last; woman, employers,and even friends want an alpha male. I knew a couple of people that where on the juice,. One of those person’s heart exploded and the other has permanent damage, to his ankle when it would not heal right after breaking. That being said; they both looked great.
The ancient Greeks made sculptors of pagan Gods that looked good, not those who reflected the effeminent body of Justin Bieber. and Roman woman paid to sleep with Gladiators, not the 130(lb) poetic play writes.
God doesn’t magically , make things in your life go together for being honest and nice, you have to put them there and ask for his help.
I am strait edge, so I personally have not done any.
So; is it right, to have that competitive edge in society?
Do you think the risk is worth it? .
Sometimes I think its better to just live fast, and die. Then to just die old, poor, and alone.?

Cheers! and God bless. :thumbsup:

If you want to be buff, pump iron. Steroids are cheating. And it’s easy to spot bodybuilders who use steroids: they don’t look good - they look freakish.

Alpha Male is more than just physical strength anyway. You need character. Steroids won’t give you that. In fact, they show that you want what you want right now and are too lazy and undisciplined to earn it yourself. Do you want to be a self-made man, or a pill-made man?

It’s all vanity anyway, whether it’s huge muscles or clothes or Justin Bieber hair.

Just a couple comments – You say that nice guys finish last. That’s not necessarily true, but even if it is, the point is that they finish; they don’t register a DNF because of a blown-up heart or a permanently damaged heart.

And Justin Bieber’s “effeminate” body is getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

And how does having a blown-up heart, or having a permanently damaged ankle, or being in prison for something you did while on 'roid rage give you a competitive edge in society?

That and Justin Bieber is, what, seventeen years old? He’s likely still growing into himself. Plus, some guys are just built small, the way some people are built big: It’s all about diversity.

I’d rather have a nice guy who would be kind and loving and respectful of me, than an over-muscled bully who’d likely treat me like the stereotypical caveman, anyway.

Methinks that having a permanent limp due to a bum ankle would take points off your A.M. Status.

And being a dead body because of your heart exploding makes the whole thing moot anyways.

A lot of A.M. reckoning goes to things you cannot control at all, such as your body height, etc. Obviously if only A.Ms succeeded in living life, none of the other physiques would have survived natural selection.

Our LORD certainly did not live the life of an A.M. Yet he was given “a name above every other name”.

Just my MX $.02


I actually think natural looks better. Most of the modern guys like Jay Cutler look weird and Asymmetrical. Not like the originals, the only one that comes close is Dennis Sergovski
the Russian. I’m actually surprised Hollywood hasn’t picked him up yet.

Seems to me that those who “live fast and die” are usually the ones who die alone.

When my 97-year-old grandmother passed away – a woman who had lived slowly and faithfully her whole life – she was surrounded by her children and grandchildren. There were over 100 people at her funeral, even though she had few if any friends outside the family, and her final years were spent in short-term memory loss that made conversations with her short and repetitive. “Who are you?” “I’m your granddaughter, Mel and Rose’s daughter.” “Oh, my dear one! (hug hug kiss kiss)” REPEAT.

But she was just so darn happy even in those final years!!! She spent her life counting her blessings – literally more than figuratively – and when she lost the ability to form new memories, she just kept loving and blessing everyone around her.

I saw the same thing in a woman I cared for many, many years ago. She was 92, had suffered through polio in her early 20s, never married, and had made her living as a house mom in college sorority houses until she retired. She was so full of life and optimism and curiosity – all grounded in a deep faith in God. It didn’t matter to her that she couldn’t remember me from one moment to the next – she just loved meeting “new” people and shared her love so freely.

Get the point? It’s love freely given that draws in love. If you only focus on your appearance and your “bling” those who are drawn to you will walk away when you can no longer offer them those things.

Of course it’s your choice. But as someone who chose the live fast and die path in my youth, I can tell you it’s an emptiness beyond telling. And I didn’t even recognize the pain and loneliness until I left that lifestyle and chose a different path. You know, it’s kind of how we can smell a stench at first, but somehow our noses get used to it and then you don’t even realize you’re living in a sewer? :shrug:

God bless you. And keep asking those questions :thumbsup:


I don’t think you should abuse your body with steroids. Humans aren’t racehorses to be measured by strength and prowess only. Character is of infinitely greater value brother.

By the way, many of those greek sculptures are quite see “the dying slave”.

In fact (I’ve been to Greece and seen many of the originals), sculptural perfection often involved a female head on a muscular male body. In classical times, youth was perceived as feminine, IMS.


:smiley: I’m just picturing a competative bodybuilder wit Justin Bieber hair.

Using anabolic steroids for reasons other than medical necessity is drug abuse. It’s not healthy, it’s not wise, just like abusing other drugs.

The vast majority of women react positively to men who are easy-going, and not insecure. A little bit of muscle tone is never a bad thing, but becoming a beefcake is likely to be counterproductive.

Richard and matrix, I just wanted to point out that saying you can spot a guy on steroids or that the over muscular guys are bully’s would be rash judgment on those lifters. I was talking to a priest and he said we should say instead: "that does not look natural, and if it is natural, I would like to know what he does (training, etc…) I am open to discussion about this so please write back.

Look at post #13 please. I don’t mean to change the subject. I just wanted to point something out.
God Bless

Nice guys don’t always finish last, and women don’t always want an “alpha male”. I know I don’t want a friend or coworker who always has to be in charge and/or try to boss me around, and I surely would not put up with it from a boyfriend (who would definitely NOT become my husband).

So; is it right, to have that competitive edge in society?
Do you think the risk is worth it? .
Sometimes I think its better to just live fast, and die. Then to just die old, poor, and alone.?

Steroids don’t necessarily give you a competitive edge in society. Things like intelligence, hard work, pure skill and some luck come into play when it comes to having an edge. I don’t think it’s worth the risk to take any drugs - especially one with so many negative side effects as anabolic steroids - to try to get an edge.

Just because you aren’t the “alpha male” (or female) does not mean you will die “old, poor and alone”. However, given the choice, I would rather die “old, poor and alone” than “live fast and die”. I think the latter is purely selfish, as evidenced by a friend of mine who decided to live that way and died when he was 32, leaving behind a wife and two children. I’ll be he didn’t think how his wife would feel growing old without him, or how his children would feel growing up without a father, how his son would feel not having his father around when he passed the engineer exam on the fire department or how his daughter would feel not having her father walk her down the aisle on her wedding day and not being able to have a “father-daughter” dance at her wedding reception.

Why would you place so much value and take such a risk for a ‘teasure’ so to speak, that you will absolutely, 100% without a doubt, lose? You cannot keep it!

Many guys suffer from a disorder known as bigorexia, I suggest you see a counselor.

You say “Sometimes I think its better to just live fast, and die. Then to just die old, poor, and alone.?”

Id say smokers, drug addicts etc all have a similar motto. Those who place so much value on treasure that they are sure to lose are the real ones who end up dying poor and alone my friend. not the ‘nice guys’ as you say, you’ve got it all backwards.

It’s good to be fit, I do my best to keep fit and healthy, but don’t let it turn into an obsession, don’t let it turn into a disorder which it looks like you have.

You need to reassess your priorities.

God Bless

Thank you for reading

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