Steubenville Conferences


Has anyone here ever been to a Steubenville conference? What was your experience and reaction to it?


Greetings my fellow young Coloradoan,
If you go to and plug the word Steubenville in the Search text box in the right hand corner there are several short videos. The university has Scott Hahn and Dr Mark Miravalle on their faculty. I have never actaully been there but, I’ve known a few people who have and they quite enjoyed them. They are rather charismatic which you may or may not be accustomed to but, you should enjoy it.


Oh, no I’ve been to a Steubenville conference before (Steubenville of the Rockies); last year and just this past weekend actually. I was just wondering how other people reacted to them, because it was an amazing experience for me!


I am a senior citizen, and several weeks ago at my parish they had a pot luck supper for the purpose of gathering parishioners together to hear from the teens that recently went to Steubenville on the Bayou (New Orleans.)

These young people were not ashamed to get up and share with us the wonderful experience they had in community with other teen-agers at Eucharistic adoration, and in hearing the excellent speakers they had.

Our youth is the future of the Church, and I hope there are many more of these gatherings, and follow-ups to keep them alive in their faith.


Hey, I’ve been to the Steubenville conferences! :slight_smile: I haven’t missed a year up to this one cause I went to the “Fiat Days” instead. I love Steubenville so much! And Adoration has to be the best part of the conferences. Also, the music ministry has a big impact on my spiritual life and Steubie has only the best!!

Anyone else in love with Bob Rice and his work? :D:heart:

God Bless!


Adoration is the best!

I’ve never actually been to a Steubenville Conference, but I have been to the campus. I competed for the Fr. Scanlon Scholarship because I was thinking of going there. It’s an awesome place! I can’t afford it right now, but I’m hoping to go there for a graduate degree. I’m majoring in Theology so I can’t think of a better place to go!


That sound’s great! Yes, the conferences are inspirational and even if you never get to one, attending the school is just as good! My big sis goes there and doesn’t want to graduate next year because she loves it so much! I hope everything works out for you!! I recommend Steuebenville Ohio 100% percent! :wink:

God Bless!


I’ve been to 4 Steubenville conferences. I went to Steubenville West twice, Steubenville Mid-America once, and Steubenville on the Rockies this year. All of them have been great, but I didn’t like Steubenville on the Rockies as much as the past ones. There were only 2,000 people in a 5,000 seat venue. That really kind of killed the atmosphere. Usually, there aren’t enough seats for everyone. Also, we stayed at a hotel instead of a college dorm. For some reason, it just isn’t as fun when you stay at a hotel. But, I still had a great experience and I can’t wait until next year’s Steubenville!


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