How representative is this of Franciscan University of Steubenville?

If this is pretty much the way the spirituality is there, oy vey…

In my two trips to their youth conference it was always very loud (I mean the thing happening on stage) but not Protestant-esque like that gathering. Sometimes I just had to go out in the hallway so I could actually pray, but they were respectful of that. I just kneeled during praise and worship adoration and prayed my rosary with some other kids, and nobody cajoled us into acting exuberantly. I wouldn’t worry about Steubenville. They do there own thing, but they teach the Faith in their quieter moments.

If your position summarizes to “charismatic spirituality is from the devil” then it’s fair to say Steubenville ain’t for you. Are you not aware that FUS was (less so today) one of the major centers of the US charismatic renewal? All legitimate expressions of catholic spirituality are welcome there, but don’t expect them to lock the others out and give your preferences the high seat. They basically take the approach “If Rome is OK with it, we are OK with it.” And frankly, you could do a LOT worse for a set of guiding religious principles.

Not all but a great many of the people there are pretty deeply involved with the Charismatic Renewal Movement. Those gatherings do get very loud and if one osn’t used to it quite disconcerting to say the least.

That being said Steubenville is a very good University religion there is taken very seriously.

There are many types of spirituality. Charismatic praise and worship is one style. (and note this was NOT Mass).

They also have an EF Mass at Steubenville.

What’s your point?

There was a thread sometime ago about this.

Franciscan University does not offer the EF Mass. The EF Mass that is offered in Steubenvilleis at a parish that is very close to the campus.

That is unless the Franciscans changed their minds and started offering it.

The thread was a complaint thread against FU because it did not offer the EF when some students wanted it.

Interesting discussion so far. I must admit that I just do not “connect” with the modern spirituality of any of the orders, including Franciscan. Not saying that I consider them wrong, just saying that it doesn’t “touch” me in any way.

I’ll stay with the EF and the reverence shown there.

As a Carmelite I must say that this usage troubles me. :confused:

Our spirituality is Carmelite Spirituality. No modern or any other prefix to it.

You do realize that this video is from 2006 and it is from a Charismatic Confrence, correct?

I am not sure if this is “representitive” of all those who attend the university, but there is nothing wrong with this type of spirituality.

I know it’s not a great analogy, but I’m a chef, so it’s what I know…:wink:
if you think of the Catholic Church as a restaurant, the menu is filled with all sorts of spiritualities-
some people like vanilla where others prefer rocky road, and the Church allows both.
How would you feel if someone told you that you could only eat rocky road even though you don’t really like chocolate,
just because they feel you *** should*** like it? :shrug:

And, FWIW, I know a couple of graduates from Steubenville, who are now in seminary, who are some of the most orthodox, holy men I know.
One also happens to be heavily involved in the Charismatic Renewal.

The best advice I ever received is-
Pray as you can, not as you can’t what matters is that you pray! :smiley:

I really don’t understand the need of some people to make us all “cookie-cuttter” Catholics. :shrug::confused:

Isn’t Scott Hahn a professor at the University of Steubenville? Scott Hahn is quite possibly my most favorite Catholic apologist and author.

If Rome is good with it, who am I to argue! But the adoration service seemed like it left something to be desired… Reverence?

I was involved with the Charismatic Renewal when I joined the Catholic church. And I frequently send donations to the franciscan University of Steubenville. When Mother Angelica was creating EWTN she spoke at our group. And some in our group joined a convent in Channing , Texas:
You will find among Charismatics a strong adherence to the teachings of the church. And a very strong support for ther pro-life cause.

I give it my full approval…

From the sisters:

Sisters Strongly Object the HHS Mandate of January 20, 2012 and the subsequent “accommodation” by the President

April 23, 2012

The Sisters join with the Catholic Bishops of the United States, and leaders of many other religious communities, in strongly objecting to the Department of Health and Human Services rule for “preventative services,” and the “compromise” announced by President Obama regarding religious liberty. This mandate will gravely violate the individual and collective religious liberties of the Sisters and millions of others by forcing us to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and artificial contraception against our conscience.


Carmelite spirituality is 2500 years old. The prophet Elijah is one of the models of the Order, not to mention the Blessed Virgin.


Maybe I missed something, but it seemed like everyone was kneeling. And on a hard floor. It seemed like it was Exposition, when there is normally a song or prayer recited.

What were you looking for?:shrug:

I think he was disparaging what he views as Franciscan Spirituality from the Charismatic service in the video at Franciscan University. I mentioned Carmelites because he used the word “orders” along with “modern” so I objected.

I would also like to point out that this was a Charismatic service and not representative of Franciscan Spirituality but one of Charismatic Spirituality.

While people may mix them they are not the same thing.

Perhaps corsair, like me, has really only become acqainted (in real life) with religious who have very modern sensibilities about worship and spirituality. I have a hard time connecting with their way, too but that’s neither here nor there.

FUS draws a more modern kind of Catholic, and turns out very devout graduates from what I hear. I can’t find fault with that.

This is not my favored way to worship, as I am more inhibited. But I think it is wonderful to see Catholic people praising God in this way (or any other way for that matter). I really don’t see why anyone should be upset. I’d like to see the reasoning…theologically.

It is more like this: Although that is a bad video (who records adoration?) I actually helped at this particular conference. Imagine a HUGE room filled with passionate young Catholics all praying together in adoration. You could hear a pin drop from across the room.

The problem with this stuff is that it is designed to appeal to the emotions rather than reason, even to the point of encouraging people to to be overcome by and ruled by their emotions, at least for the duration of the “worship service”.

Catholics, however, should be ruled at all times by right reason, and the emotions kept in check. It is a characteristic of the fallen nature of man that our reason is weakened and our passion and emotions strengthened such that we must work hard to keep them in check.

In other words, such “worship services” appeal (and are designed to appeal) primarily to our fallen nature and, as such are profoundly uncatholic in their goals and motivations.

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Then I take it you do not agree with the Church’s approval of the Charismatic Movement?

I think that when one disagrees with what the Church allows they should clearly state that it is so in order that those who are not aware will not be mislead in what the Church allows/approves of and what it does not allow/disproves of.

After saying that let me say this.

I do agree with you. The Charismatic Movement is not my cup of tea. I do enjoy the music but I listen to it as a form of entertainment that is more pure and clean than most other choices of music out there. I do not prefer it for worship.

I came to Catholicism through the Assemblies of God, a Pentecostal denomination. It was very emotional, that is what grabbed me but it was not enough to sustain me.

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