Steve and Renata


Our marriage is over. I am despartely heart broken and can not believe the great Lord did not intervene. I have cried out for 5 months and nothing good. Except the fact I found out that is Steve is a cheater. I have lost my faith in the Lord and I am so angry at the world. Obviously, God does not care!!!


God does care. I don’t know why He didn’t intervene. Maybe He did but you do not see how right now. Do you actually have divorce papers? If not, the marriage is not over and there is still time for it to be saved. Please do not lose faith in the Lord. Good will come from this. I know from experience. It takes time to heal. God will heal your broken heart. I will pray daily that Our Blessed Mother will comfort you in the days ahead. God bless you.


My spouse whom I dearly loved cheated on me then divorced me. That was many years ago. I cried, was heartbroken and despondent and wondered why. I never sought an annulment or remarried.

Over the years I have seen the goodness of why God had this happen. I am stronger as a person and stronger spiritually. Have hope Renatas. God knows what He’s doing.



I agree with Mom and dcrowmik, you may not see that God does care for you because of your anger and it’s understandable. Only please don’t lose your faith and hope. When the time is right, you will see God loves you very much. Continue praying for you.
God bless you


Please don’t lose hope or your faith. God does care about you and He does have a plan for you. I know this is very hard for you right now, but know that we are all praying for you. May God be with you.


Agree too, and praying always for you to Renata…


Praying For You And All Your Intentions
Grandma Glor


Do not say these things out loud…you have lost faith in the Lord…the devil hears you and is preying on you. The devil wants you to be miserable, he wants your mind, your life, your soul…you are allowing him to take your life away from the goodness of the Lord. The Lord works everything out in His time, you must have patience, you must stay the course and continue to pray. We will always have conflict and joy in our lives, and the Lord works both out in His time for His reasons. Someone once said to me, “you have to be able to sit in a hellish situation and be able to eat an ice cream cone!”

Pray for guidance and ask the Lord what does He want for your life. Ask the Lord to help you hear His Word. It hurts our Lord when you are sad and hurting, but sometimes we have to go through things in life to glorify Him. We don’t see the big picture as He does, therefore, we don’t understand. But trust and pray and you will see, God will work it out in His time, be patient.

Dear Lord hear the cries of your daughter, she needs your comforting hands upon her. Please remove the devil so that she may freely pray to you and see the goodness of the Lord.

Read Psalm 25, make it your daily prayer!


Darling Renata, God isn’t responsible for Steve’s choices and Steve’s behaviour. As a wise priest once wrote to me,“Free will is a two-edged sword pointed directly at the heart of God.” Jesus weeps with you at Steve’s hardened heart just as we can be sure He wept over Judas’ refusal to respond to His grace.

Jesus take Renata’s broken heart into Your own. Help her and her boys through this.

Bless you. Love, Trishie

Jesus I trust in You




Continuing to pray for you Renata…


Renata I know you are hurting. God will never leave you or forsake you. He has heard your cry. Do you have the poem “Footprints” ? I will pray for you.


I’ve been through this, too. You haven’t lost your faith; you’re angry and full of hurt. If you can, take some quiet time to rest in His presence and allow Him to be your gentle Father.

Praying that He’ll lift you, lighten your spirits and lead you to peace and trust.


We do not always know what God has in store for us. My ex was an adulturer, the divorce has just gone through after 2.5yrs of separation. I felt as a Catholic that God would turn my ex into a nice man, but nothing seemed to be happening. I left, was unsure because I was a Catholic, but then God showed me some of his plan for me. After I left, and it was very hard to do, I really found God. I realised that I could not have worked for God in my marriage, and also going through the stress and tears of a divorce has given me strength that I didn’t before possess and that new found strength is what has assisted me to be who I am presently.

It is painful. I was still crying about his affairs 18months after I left him. Sometimes I still get upset with God as I feel I wasted my twenties with this man.

God does care, he showed me he cared, and if you give God a chance you will see he does. One day you might realise that his plan for you if different to what you thought it would be and although you are grieving now, with time you might find a happiness you didn’t realise you could have. He may very well have answered your prayers by taking you out of a marriage with a man who might have caused you years of grief with his adulturous behaviour.

God does hear us, and he does answer our prayers, just not always in the way we hope or think is best for us, and not always when we think they will be answered.

I have felt like you on and off for many years. That God did not care, but over time I realised he was shaping my trust in him. As I was prepared to keep a bit more faith, and add a bit more faith at a time, my faith in him is quite strong now.

At the moment I am still going through a messy financial settlement with my ex. I have asked God over and over to humble my ex. However all I seemed to get was a long drawn out settlement that kept being drawn out, I was left with no money at times, and I have been quite distressed over it. But now, after 2.5yrs I have realised that I had to experience this in order to give God an opportunity to humble my husband. I have to report my ex to the tax office for tax fraud. So I have been thinking, ok, this will kill my ex as he is sooo arrogant, and I feel that this is one way God is going to humble my ex, but I just didn’t know I was going to be in the middle of it. However I’ve kept my faith, been very hard at times, but my point is, with time and faith, sometimes the reasons why God acts the way he does, in the time he does might be revealed to us. So while we think he isn’t acting on our prayers, believe me, he is, but the timing or lack of feeling God is listening is often so we have an opportunity to gain strength, faith, hope, patience, trust etc. But if we resist the opportunities to learn those things and others, we can delay his action I believe. My mum’s lack of faith has caused her to be miserable for most of the last 50yrs and she has stagnated in her ability to heal and find true spiritual happiness. But your opportunity to keep your faith in God might give you an opportunity to live a happier life for the next 50yrs.

Healing takes time, and sometimes faith does, and it needs us to be prepared to give it a chance. Do not let s…t that happens hold you back from union with God and heaven. And one way s…t that happens does this is by getting us to lose our faith.

God didn’t save your marriage (although one doesn’t know if he will later intervene) but Renata, maybe God has given you an opportunity to save your soul. Maybe he is teaching you strength so you can be a strong witness for him. Who knows, but all you have to do is keep your faith, and one day you might know the reasons to the big question we often ask of God ‘why?’.

The hurt doesn’t always fade with time, but it does get easier, and you will always have God.


My heartfelt prayers are with you, Renata. God loves you, absolutely, eternally, faithfully.

Christ was betrayed, mocked, spat upon … He knows your pain, and He loves you!

I believe that He has great things in store for you in the future:

**But, as it is written: That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love him. (1 Cor 2:9)

I will pray for you, Renata, for healing from the hurt that Steve has caused you, and for the grace of a sure and deep knowledge of Our Lord’s love for you.



Still praying…


I am still so angry and mistrusting. I cant begin to imagine why God would want our marriage to go SOuth. I thought God hated divorce!!! I have been praying so hard for so long even after I learned the turth about my husband. What else is there to do?



What to do? Don’t stop praying. That’s very good that you haven’t given up on praying, even in the most difficult times. That’s when we need God’s love and presence the most. God does dislike divorce and seeing marriage vows broken. But keep in mind, this isn’t something **you **did. God also gave us free will. Unfortunately, it can be misused and that’s when people get hurt.

Know that God does love you and will see you through.

Will keep you very much in prayers and at Mass this weekend.


Oh, this is so hard. I’m so sorry you’re hurting.
What else to do? Keep praying and trusting; pray for what God thinks is the best thing, not necessarily what you think is best. Trust he’ll bring you through it, trust that He sees the Big Picture you can’t possibly see. Be willing to give Him your anger and let Him deal with it. As often as anger starts to overcome you, try hard to lay it at His feet each time. Anger is so self-destructive. Please don’t continue to hurt yourself because your husband hurt you. Continuing to pray for you…


this is so true.

renatas, I’m so sorry for your loss, and pain. :frowning: Divorce is like a death, they say, and the pain just as horrible. But please don’t despair. I know that God cares for you…and I’m praying that you will find peace in your life…God has a Divine plan for you. It’s just one without your husband in it, for whatever the reason, at this point. His non-intervention could truly be a blessing, I know it doesn’t feel like that now, but keep your ear close to God and listen to His words of wisdom, and where He is leading you next.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed Art Thou, amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of they womb, Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

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