Steve Bannon: I’d Put Anthony Fauci’s Head On A Pike As A ‘Warning’

I really want to know what the heck is wrong with this person?

He was Trump’s campaign person 2016 and ran Breitbart for a while.

Dr. Fauci needs protection because he and his family have received death threats.




Darn. My bet was on Alex Jones to be the first big name to call for violence.
I lost a whole quarter.

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He’s bad news. I was relieved when Trump got rid of him.

He recommends people read The Fourth Turning. Nutty stuff.

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Alex Jones actually described possibly eating his neighbor a few months ago.

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Adding an article.

Wow! Two charming people that I have always avoided reading or listening to. These guys are respected…by whom?


This is just vile. I can’t say that I am really surprised by Bannon saying this either. He’s pretty far out there in a fair amount of what he says. Dr. Fauci isn’t some hack of a doctor, so I don’t get the level of hatred people have for him. The woman that ran my states health department stepped down because she was getting death threats and had armed “militia” members walking up and down the streets and surveilling her and her family. It is a disturbing trend in a lot of states unfortunately :confused: say a prayer for them because the job they do is important and difficult


“Bannon is currently out on bail on federal fraud charges for allegedly using hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations on personal expenses.”

Thieving scam artist.


Maybe stock up on some ramen, Alex. It will fill your stomach and keep your head empty of the image of you eating your neighbor :flushed:

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Funny, that I try to explain to someone today in this here forums, about the contrast from left to right. I did not bring out the bias, but the bias is obvious, not to be explained.

I am not sure as to what Bannon said or in what context, I have not come across it yet. But regardless, this is inflammatory talk from a person with lots of influence. So, Twitter and other platforms Banned Bannon. ok.

Katy Griffin, twitted the photo of her holding Donald Trump severed body beat up head, and it is allowed.

Not cool, from Bannon or Griffin. Not cool at all.

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The secret service investigated that incident.

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I don’t think it was beat up. Being a Halloween mask with no person wearing it, I can see how it would look distorted and beat up though.

That said, did you click on the “report” button on the tweet? Twitter’s automated moderation works mostly on text. Banon’s podcast episode with the threat was removed from YouTube only after it was reported by a user.

She was suspended from twitter earlier in 2020 for saying she would I inject trump with a syringe full of air as that was seen as a specific threat of violence.

She tweeted the photo again a couple of days ago.

Was it removed?

Nope. It is flagged as “sensitive media.” Someone is given a warning before the tweet is made visible to them.

She apologized for the 2017 gag, endured a federal investigation and was thrown into the conservative social media “wood chipper.” But she retracted her apology a year later and made a stand-up act out of it. The ordeal was chronicled in the 2019 documentary “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story.”

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I think President Trump would have been served better if he relied upon someone else other than Fauci. The current Stanford Dr. President Trump is working with seems to be more to his liking for addressing the Wuhan virus. From what I had read of Fauci before the COVID virus, he wasn’t my favorite person. Hope though that more pleasant ways to express displeasure with Fauci can be expressed.

Are you saying that the top medical advisor should be selected by whether he agrees with the presidents ideas of medical advice rather than his qualifications for that position even though the president doesn’t like it?

Personally, I don’t care if the president likes or doesn’t like the top medical advisor. I prefer a qualified advisor that will state what the best medical advice would be.


I think it is similar to going to a doctor and getting second and third opinions on how best to treat a condition. Not all top expert doctors agree with disease diagnosis and best treatment options.

Fauci and President Trump don’t agree in their approach to the COVID continuing COVID situation. I don’t believe Fauci to be the best in this situation. I think President Trump would have been better served early on if he received a second and even third opinion from others in the field for how to approach the virus.

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He said in a podcast that if he were Trump he would put Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray’s decapitated heads on pikes in the West Wing to show all the White House employees what happens to traitors to the president.

Fauci’s job is to advise the president and the public. The president’s job is to make the policy decisions based on the advice (or not). Trump did install a doctor, Dr Scott Atlas, whose views were more congenial to Trump’s, on the coronavirus task force despite the fact that Atlas is a surgeon, not an epidemiologist, as Fauci is.

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