Steve Bannon says Catholic Church has "economic interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration"


Today in the Church bulletin, our archbishop wrote a letter against racism, hate, and bigotry that satan is using to cause discord among humanity.

That much anyone can figure out – hatred of others is a sin and goes against love and charity.

So what practical solution are we supposed to propose as laypeople?

Apparently talk of any sensible immigration policy borders on racism and hate, effectively leading to silence.

Our immigration policy is not functioning properly. All we do is denounce “hate” and “racism”. Meanwhile, nothing changes.

What is the prudent, merciful course of action?


The Prudent, Merciful Course of Action is NOT to end the Dreamer program and put Thousands at risk for expensive deportations.


In science, a scientific question (e.g., How do we kill pancreatic cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy?) is asked and possible solutions are hypothesized (e.g., Use drug XYZ to inactivate a pathway that cancer is using to become resistant).

What are possible solutions out there?

All we’re doing is identifying the problem.


And immigration from now on?


My Solution would be to expand and speed up the Immigration Process.

The current Vetting system seems to work fine, but we need to try to direct these immigrants to States/Areas that NEED people, not ones that have high poverty levels to give them the best chance to succeed.


And what precisely is the problem? How is the influx of Latin American immigrants any more a problem than the flood of immigrants into the United States over the last two centuries? Even with the open prejudice against many immigrant groups a century ago, the US economy could still easily absorb them, and US society kept on ticking.

Let’s imagine if every illegal immigrant, DREAMer or otherwise, was not only awarded amnesty, but was provided a pathway to citizenship? Let’s get to the core of this. What is it that you fear?


So some sort of system in place to determine who/where/when, perhaps based on laws, legal restriction, and local needs?


Was that an answer to my question?


Can we easily absorb every immigrant?


For the most part, yes.

No, if the GOP and Fox News keeps demonizing them.


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What do you mean they are in need? That seems like a pretty broad brush. Illegals are here for all sorts of reason. The need may result from being illegal.


It is much better then what was before, but still leaves a lot to be desired


Full interview on 60 Minutes tonight at 7pm. Rose and Bannon both look and sound like sad tired old men. I see that a lot these days.


Some problems I (and many others) have with the pro-illegal immigration crowd are:

  1. Faulty/questionable appeals to Scripture. One or two verses are taken entirely out of context and then put out there as some kind of political roadmap when in actuality they do not support the specifc policies being pushed. Deportation is not oppression, and treating immigrants as natives only works if the immigrants themselves act like natives (follow the laws) and are legal immigrants.

  2. Vague prescriptions like “we need to treat immigrants with compassion and love”. Well, yes, that sounds wonderful and indeed we do need to treat everyone with compassion and love, but that’s not a proper governing policy. One can “compassionately” enforce the law and loving my neighbor doesn’t mean I have to tolerate squatters.

  3. Fallacious appeals to history. A popular argument is that we have had periods of immigration before and it worked out so this is exactly the same and will have exactly the same results. Conveniently ignored are these little facts: those immigration waves were largely composed of legal immigrants, it was heavily controlled in who got in (many elderly, sickly, and handicapped were turned away), assimilation was enforced (changing names to be more “American” was often practiced), and the waves themselves were controlled, with long periods of virtually no immigration occurring between the waves. You can argue the morality of these facts if you’d like, but you cannot argue that they change the scenario and thus cannot be 1 for 1 compared to our current situation.

  4. Whitewashing of immigrant motivations. Some (maybe most) of the immigrants have “noble” intentions. Many do not. Pretending like every single immigrant is a freedom-loving, hard-working, family-oriented John Q. Citizen with only pure intentions is as bad as pretending they are all unwashed hordes. Every illegal immigrant has his or her own motivations, some good, some bad, and some just economic.

  5. The assertion (threat?) that if we do not spend billions of dollars on foreign aid and even further pursue overly-friendly business laws with these countries than they have the right to flood our country with a foreign populace and take what they want. Not only is this absurd, but it is also extraordinarily immoral.


There was no welfare state then. Difference.


They are in need of safety, to know that they are in a stable place and can raise their children to grow up to be happy and healthy.

They are in need of a better life, better opportunities to earn money for themselves, and work hard to contribute to Society.

An investment in Immigration is an investment into our future.


govt should issued current daca recepients greencards .95% of them are either in the school or working ,including in the military, fighting for our country .they have been living in this country, basically all their lives.thats why prominent ceos ,intellectuals,academenians et al want them to stay .it is inhumane to deport them to a country that is foreign to was not their fault ,but their parents .some posters here do not know much about the real issue.where i live, there are jobs that no native born americans will take and caucasian owners are pleading for help ,are their business will not survive. they used to have workers from mexico ,who have valid permits to work.but trump took them away !


Our views? Or their views?


Some problems that I (and many others) have with those who promote the Trump immigration agenda:

"Trump’s party is convinced that climate change isn’t real but that massive, unproven voter fraud is. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) wants to talk about evidence-based policymaking. No, really. The party that makes up a crime wave, denies environmental science, lies about immigrants stealing jobs and murdering our children, and thinks trillions in tax cuts will pay for themselves wants evidence-based policymaking? The gall takes one’s breath away.

"The GOP is a party gone off the rails morally, intellectually and politically. Not conservative or even coherent, it relies on state TV (Fox News) and Russia bots to echo its nonsense. ".

-Jennifer Rubin, conservative commentator for the Washington Post

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