Steve Bannon says Catholic Church has "economic interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration"


Is that another caveat? Applied to the one , but not to the other?

On second thought, I will say something, due to the “need” to clarify.

ALL I would be asking for, essentially, is for a little book with a stamp in it. ( i.e. a passport ) but you would, if I understand you correctly, quibble over that, on account of a job requirement — when I’m NOT even asking for a paycheck.

But there seems to be an insinuation here ( ? ) that people who clearly have a reasonable concern over things like, say, their ability to pay their grocery bill , are asking too much in requiring some exclusions ?

I have no idea what the Churches motives are in this.

But something sure looks rather peculiar in this contrast.


What? Now Europeans are inherently more worthy of being accepted than, say Asians?

The expectations are the same.

Not a good reason.

Once your demonize your opponent (the Left) you can imagine any sort of motivation you like.


It all belongs to God, Caesar included. Any division between the secular and the sacred is an illusion. We are all soaking in God whether we know it or disbelieve it.


Invalid comparison. Past waves of immigrants were predominantly European, carefully vetted, spaced out, and expected to assimilate. None of that applies to the current situation.

Carefully vetted and spaced out? NOT. European? Does that not apply to Hispanics from Mexico? Assimilate?
Hard to tell. I think that immigrants wanted to avoid marginalization and had to fight against privilege for access.

I am not looking forward to the prospect of whites becoming minorities in our own countries.

Are you really “our countries” on whiteness? Sheesh.

Illegal aliens are … more likely to use welfare…


Can we afford unlimited immigration without negatively impacting the native population, yes or no?

If not, how can immigration remain economically viable?

How many immigrants from which nations can we accommodate per year?

It’s easy to throw out words of charity, mercy, etc, but we can’t give something we don’t have. And we can’t sacrifice other people’s and their families’ well-being so that we can feel virtuous.


Bannon is probably correct, objectively. Whether that’s a motivating factor, though, is another question.


Never did I say any churchmen are motivated by money in supporting immigration. Never. What I said, and all I said, was that Bannon would probably be “objectively” correct in saying the Church has an “economic interest” in it. And so it does. In one of my parishes, there is a Hispanic Mass. Those parishioners donate, and I’m sure it’s true elsewhere as well. That’s an “economic interest”. it works the other way too. Services of various kinds are provided by parishes to both Hispanic and non-Hispanic parishioners. That, too, is an “economic interest”.

What I did NOT say is that the interest motivates an unlimited immigration posture on the part of any churchman.

If one does not want to address what I really said, that’s okay. I don’t demand that anyone do so. But such a person should address what I really said, not what they want to think I meant by it. And the gratuitous insult at the end of the above post was both unnecessary and uncharitable.


What struck me as odd about the Bannon interview on 60 Minutes was the seething hostility which seemed to be emanating from the normally placid Charlie Rose. Disliking an interviewee is inevitable for any journalist. But it is bad form to let it the hostility so plainly show.

As for the “dreamers,” I think that ultimately they will be allowed to stay. The decision really should be a congressional decision, not a presidential one, but it may get tossed back to the president anyway.

What I don’t understand about the whole thing is why the issue doesn’t arise until those it affects are in college or working. In other words, if there was a problem with being in the country illegally, why was there no problem with attending school, getting a job, etc? They have already been treated as citizens up to this point. Naturally it is a shock for them to suddenly find that they will no longer be so treated. But, I do think that either congress will find a way to regularize them, or the president will find a way to reconsider.


Obviously not, otherwise we would not be having this discussion.

“Privilege” is a word used by the inferior to guilt-trip their betters. Nobody who ever says. “I’m as good as you.” really believes it.

I think you inadvertently left out a word.


What is going to happen is that whites as a group are going to become significantly more nationalistic as white liberals die out since they are more likely to have fewer children who in turn are also more likely to believe in diversity and multiculturalism.

Meanwhile, the Leftist coalition will fracture as the various demographics jostle for position on the hierarchy of victimhood in their bid to extract resources from the productive.

There will probably be another Civil War about 20 years from now once the remaining whites start playing identity politics just like every other demographic.


Nope, we are marrying Spanish people and having babies. I’m sorry if my family doesn’t fit into your vision of a white America but the demographics are changing away from your pathetically narrow ideal.


the whole immigration debate is a result of our elected representatives refusing to act responsibly.

there is no single reason why they refuse to amend our current immigration laws. the fact remains that they refuse to act.

it may be that our citizenry is so divided that representative democracy has become an impediment to progress, order and prosperity. that may be why president obama issued so many executive orders, because our elected representatives are as divided as is our citizenry. this problem is not just on immigration. it also exists on health insurance. it exists on social issues. it exists on the use of our military and on international affairs and trade. it exists on the environment.

it may be that so long as the citizenry is this divided, our federal government will act only as a presidential monarchy. that means of course that our laws will change every time we elect a new president.


If you have kids with someone who is not white, your kids will obviously not be white. I am guessing you meant Hispanic and/or Latino instead of Spanish. The white population will shrink somewhat as a group, but it will bottom out as white liberals remove themselves from the gene-pool via fewer children overall and more mixed-race children.


You do understand that liberalism and conservatism are not genetic conditions?


May God bless your family. :pray:


Genetics is still a relatively new field. There is still much that needs to be researched regarding the connection between genes, behavior, and ideology.

There are studies however that indicate that parents’ political beliefs are likely to substantially influence the beliefs of their children.


Oh it is an issue long before they get old. The government schools they attend are in on the corruption. Part of the game is to let them exist here unmolested so then the powers that be can’t say they’ve never known any other life. It is to get heart strings to override reason. It is done to change the fabric of this country.


I don’t see why this is an appropriate thing to celebrate any more than it would be appropriate to celebrate it becoming more Western European.


Many DACA recipients do not have a home country to return to, with no roots. All they have ever known is America, especially if they were brought here as babies. For all intents and purposes, they are Americans, and America is their home country. I don’t think it’s your place to tell them if their situation is horrible or not.


That is the hook. That is why the government does all it can to not deport these kids when they should. Why aren’t doctors and schools reporting these illegals. In every other business the government makes providers mandatory rats. If my bank has to report me for withdrawing my own money certainly the government run schools can report illegal kids.

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