Steve Bannon says Catholic Church has "economic interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration"


Obviously not, otherwise we would not be having this discussion.

Makes not sense in racial lines. Do you exclude Greek and Romans too? Slavs?

“Privilege” is a word used by the inferior to guilt-trip their betters.

Among other uses. In any case, immigrants of the past, who were thought inferior by those who felt themselves to be their “betters”, have, over time, laid bare the the the shallow ugliness of those “betters”.


Behavioral genetics is a relatively new field, with unfortunate antecedents in early 20th century eugenics. There are major ethical issues in this field that are not taken lightly within the scientific community, and should also be taken seriously by everyone interested in the subject. It is not a subject that should be treated suggestively regarding possible relationships between genetics and complex outputs linked to a myriad of genes and expression and regulatory networks. Moreover, responsible people should exercise considerable caution about correlations between phenotype and complex outputs, particularly when population variance is ignored and public policy implications are involved


If I was speaking of white supremacists why would you assume that I also meant grandchildren of Indio-Mexican immigrants? I didn’t present any stereotype except that of a white supremacist that can’t handle the demographic changes to the U.S.

It simply doesn’t matter to me. Cultures and demographics of countries change over time naturally. It’s not good or bad in my opinion, it’s simply what happens. Actively trying to change the demographics back to a homogeneous population is where trouble begins. We aren’t there yet but the warning signs are flashing.


Also, about 25% have at least one child who is an American citizen.


Why would a homogeneous population be bad? On the one hand you say culture changes and it’s isn’t good or bad. On the other you say if it changes to be more homogenous it is bad.

I think most Americans don’t mind some diversity, but they have a limit for what they like. This doesn’t seem unreasonable or immoral. At the extreme would we want a world where we shared nothing in common with anyone else? What if everyone spoke a different language? There are plenty of very practical reasons why people would like others to be like them.


Bannon is wrong here.

though i wish the USCCB would use this strong language more often


I said trying to change it back to a homogeneous population is where trouble begins. If you think I’m wrong, tell me where those that don’t fit in with the majority are sent to? How do you prevent certain “unwanted” populations from having children? You’ll need to forcibly deport anybody that is the wrong demographic or perhaps prevent them from breeding somehow. Forced sterilization is a part of our history and the supreme court decision that allowed it still stands. This isn’t science fiction; Bad stuff can happen here and this trend towards nationalism, in my opinion, is the start of something bad.

If everybody spoke a different language a new language would form over time.

Are people really arguing for racial purity of a nation on a Catholic site? Things are very weird now, can’t blame some of us for being alarmed at where things seem to be headed.


Lots of non-Hispanics are marrying Hispanics. Some of their kids end up with Hispanic surnames, and some, obviously, do not. Nothing strange about that. There was a time when an “Irish” mother would die a thousand deaths if her son married, say, an “Italian” or a “German” or anybody else who wasn’t Irish. Nowadays, nobody cares at all.

This whole “demographic change” thing is just one more racist way the left has of trying to divide the country. My guess is that it won’t outlast a single generation.


There doesn’t seem that much ambiguity in Scripture. I don’t recall anywhere where Jesus says “And you have every right to throw strangers out of your country.”

The parable of the Good Samaritan would suggest the precise opposite, that Jesus believed Christians should aid all people, regardless of their origin.

It may not be a policy, but it’s a pretty darned good place to start. Herding them into what amount to prisons doesn’t exactly sound like a Christian solution to me.

I fail to see the fallacy. Irish and Italian immigrants were often treated pretty badly by Americans (in fact, the slang for Italian Americans; “wop”, comes from “without papers”). And yet Italians and Irish that immigrated to the US ultimately integrated into American society, so all the warnings that these strange people and their alien beliefs would undermine the US was nothing more than dressed up prejudice.

Why would anyone take all the risks of leaving their homeland, their families, their way of life, if not to seek better economic conditions for themselves and their family? Do you have some statistics on the number of illegal immigrants whose intentions are nefarious?

They have the rights and dignities that go along with being human beings. It’s a pity you seem to seem them only as pests.


Why would I exclude actual Europeans?

No, I type it with my fingers. Apparently saying that more research needs to be done before a definitive conclusion is now “rubbish”.


So you aren’t saying it is bad. You are just saying other bad things could happen.

I don’t think people who want to stop illegal immigration are looking to deport non Whites or sterilize them. So while you can worry about that it doesn’t seem likely. And if nothing else it doesn’t seem likely because those who want to stop illegals can’t even get that wish fulfilled.

Don’t know. I’ve not seen that. Have you?


[quote=“exnihilo, post:113, topic:448933, full:true”]

I doubt many would say that, but all this talk of people who don’t “share our values” or potentially possess “lower education levels” seems to suggest an ethnically exclusionary policy that’s being very carefully danced around.


So, no one has said it but people assume that other people are lying about their motives? Talk about being uncharitable.


Wrong, we change demographics similar to the way the Left changed them in the first place.

  1. Secure the border.
  2. Mandatory deportation of all illegal aliens and their children.
  3. Repeal the 1965 changes to immigration law.
  4. Increase the white birthrate.

Blame that on the first liberal who poisoned the debate by babbling about subconscious racism and white privilege. Your side created the very monster you set out to fight. Congratulations.


So you don’t think peoples’ views of people of other races can’t be colored by stereotypes?


Sort of like how all whites supposedly have white privilege which made their lives completely easy and a subconscious hatred for blacks?


I guess I shouldn’t dance around it. It’s simple. If you are actively trying to change the demographics of a country to be more homogenous you are heading down the same road the Nazi’s did. Just in case anybody needs a reminder, the Nazis were the bad guys.


So someone called you a racist and you stick it to them by becoming an actual racist? I guess there’s some logic there somewhere…I guess :thinking:


That didn’t answer my question, and also looks to be a strawman of what “white privilege” means.


Or you’d be like Israel. So Israelis are like Nazis? And that’s in reaction to Nazism. So the solution to Nazis is, more Nazis. Nazis also ate bratwurst ergo…

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