Steve Bannon says Catholic Church has "economic interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration"


Good to know you disagree with Pope Francis. How very Christian of you.

1.) Their parents might be dead. Their parents might have lost everything which is why they came here in the first place. Their roots should matter to us because these are kids and if you have a shred of compassion left inside of you, you would be slightly more sympathetic to their plight instead of being concerned about having neighbors you aren’t a big fan of.

2.) Out of all the people I’ve spoken to on this forum, you have said the cruelest things. I’m not talking about who is a baby right now, I’m talking about those who arrived as babies. Minors have no control over where they go, why should we punish them for the decisions of their parents?

I can’t believe how callous you are. It’s despicable, and I’m done talking to such a person.


What an absolutely disgusting comment.


I’m not obligated to agree with the Pope on this issue. We can have different opinions without much of a problem.

By the by, if just one person shaming me about this issue was enough to change my mind, it would’ve happened the first time someone tried it.

Hint: You’re not the first.


I came to this country legally. I don’t see why it’s unreasonable to ask the same of others.


I don’t remember Jesus saying “nations do not have the right to control their borders and must taje all comers” either. He talked about welcoming strangers but it takes a pretty large jump to connect that with what is being suggested.

Jesus is the Good Samaritan. It is a spiritual parable about the healing power of Christ.

Who said anything about throwing them in prison? Deportation is not “cruel” it is absolutely normal.

I explained the difference, and you ignored it. Can’t help you if you won’t even try.

Bettering their “economic situations” is a broad term that can include all kinds of bad behavior. Do you have any statistics proving that every one of these immigrants is seeking to live according to the laws and traditions of this country? If you cannot produce those stats then my point stands.

I don’t see them as pests. I see them as illegal aliens who should, in most cases, be gently and firmly sent home and then should be barred from re-entry until they go through the process legally.


Lots of Americans could better their ‘economic situation’ by moving to Sweden or Norway. Does that mean those countries have to accept poor Americans? Or I could better my situation by moving to the richest neighborhood in town. Does that mean my new neighbors should subsidize such a move, like we subsidize immigrants? Sadly they actually do now with natives via Section 8 housing.


I don’t remember Jesus saying “nations do not have the right to control their borders and must taje all comers” either.

what you remember is of not significance… The good news is significance. Get on the bandwagon.


And why don’t they belong here?


“Gently and firmly”. How very delightful.


The creation of the nation state has allowed the western capitalist model to survive and thrive and be the example to the world. If you really want to help the people on a global scale then have some deep thinking on why this model is so successful at lifting up the poor and try to extend it to other parts of the world instead of having destructive ideas of putting that shining model under more and more duress.

As a Catholic living in the Philippines I have to say that I agree with Bannon. The Church should stop with the focus of believing it has a right to dictate where other people’s wealth should go and instead it should look to work to lift the millions up by facilitating the support, understanding and participation for capitalism in their own countries. It seems that too much of the church fears this process and even sees it as dirty somehow and prefers to be the one controlling other people’s wealth, just like the failed Socialists.

If your focus is always on taking from other people, everyone ends up poor. The church has failed to learn the lesson from history of economic success. Like the failed Socialists it does not want to liberate people but administer to them. It is in danger also, just like the failed Socialists of making the world a much poorer place.

Wealth is created and needs to be constantly created because it is constantly consumed. The church is in dereliction of its duty if it does not have economic policies which are based on the creation of wealth. I believe it is intellectually lacking to not have a position on the creation of wealth but to want to dictate to others where the wealth they create is going to go. Mis-applying the new testament teaching of ‘helping the stranger’ does not make up for a failure to understand and support the true reasons that have lifted up billions from poverty around the world. A mis-reading of 'helping the stranger is masking an authoritarian streak which is not only morally questionable but in the long run impoverishes rather than enriches.

There is a reason why the Philippines is not the United States and the church needs to honestly understand the reasons why instead of immersing itself in the Left leaning emotional rhetoric of ‘victim politics’ which is destructive to both individual souls and collectively, to the prosperity of a nation.

Come over and have a look around the Philippines if you don’t believe me.


The origin of the word “wop” could mean “without papers” but it can also derive from the term “guappo” in Southern Italian dialect, meaning handsome.

Irrespective, it was / is an offensive term.


Define “Tribe” Catholic? Sicilian? Irish? English? German? Scottish? Because I am all of the above Plus I am American as well.


I’m Catholic first (or try to be) then after that I’m of Italian origin and I’m a US citizen.


Really, guappo also means handsome here in the Philippines. I wish I heard it more often. :slight_smile:


It’s actually of Spanish origin, and Southern Italy had a great deal of Spanish influence. So the word must have become Filipino by way of the Spanish.


That makes sense with the strong Spanish influence here as well, especially in the centre of the country (the Visayas).


For @NuclearReceptor and @TeenCatholicGuy
The sojourner of Lv 19: 33-34 is the "ḡêr"
Verse 33: Hebrew “yā-ḡūr”[verb] for “sojourns” and “gêr”[noun] for “a stranger”)
Verse 34: Hebrew “hag-gêr”[noun] for “the stranger”, “hag-gār”[verb] for “that dwells” and “ḡê-rîm”[noun] for “strangers”

The term is applied to anyone who isn’t a full native. Their legal position was far better than elsewhere in the ancient world.

Nowhere in Holy Scripture is it implied that being a stranger, sojourner, alien, or whatever the term may be, is all fun and games. Neither is permanence. We ourselves are sojourners - as the Psalmist implies. Here for a time. In the world, not of the world.

The Psalmist uses: "gar-tî " for “I sojourn”, and in a woeful context.

Heu mihi quia incolatus meus prolongatus est. Habitavi cum habitantibus Cedar; multum incola fuit anima mea.(Vulgate Ps 119: 5-6)

Which the Douay-Rheims Version-Challoner revision translates:
Woe is me, that my sojourning is prolonged. I have dwelt with the inhabitants of Cedar: My soul hath been long a sojourner. (DRV-C Ps 119:5-6)

The Psalterium Pianum (better known these days in the Hispanosphere than beyond it) reads:
Heu mihi, quod dego in Mosoch, habito in tentoriis Cedar. Nimium habitavit anima mea (Ps 119:5-6)

The RSV-2CE:
Woe is me, that I am an alien in Meshech, that I must live among the tents of Kedar. Too long have I had my dwelling among those who hate peace.

La Biblia de las Américas (LBLA):
¡Ay de mí, porque soy peregrino en Mesec, y habito entre las tiendas de Cedar! Demasiado tiempo ha morado mi alma con los que odian la paz. (Ps 120: 5-6)

According to Dom Matthew Britt, OSB, “A Dictionary of the Psalter”:
incola, ae, m. (incolo), a stranger, sojourner, one who has but a temporary residence in a place. 118,19 Incola ego sum in terra. I am a sojourner upon earth. 104,12; 119,6.
incolatus, us, m. (incolo), a sojourn or sojourning, a stay or residence as that of a stranger or traveler. 119,5 Heu mihi, quia incolatus meus prolongatus est. Woe is me, that my sojourn is prolonged. The psalmist laments his exile among the inhabitants of Cedar and Mosoch, hostile barbarous tribes.

Fr Haydock comments:
Ver. 5. Is prolonged. Hebrew, “is Meshec.” (Haydock) — But Houbigant rejects this as a place unknown; and the word may have the former signification, given by the Septuagint and St. Jerome. (Calmet) (Berthier) — Moses speaks of Meshec, (Genesis x. 2.) or of the mountains separating Cholcis from Armenia, where the Jews might be dispersed, (4 Kings xvii. 23., and 1 Esdras ii. 59., and viii. 15.) as well as in Cedar, or Arabia Petrea, (Isaias xlii. 11.) where the Saracens afterwards inhabited, according to St. Jerome. (Loc. Heb.) (Calmet) — Inhabitants. Hebrew, “tents,” in which the people chiefly dwelt. (Berthier) — From Cedar, the son of Ismael, sprung Mahomet, whose tyranny has been long felt. Cedar denotes the “darkness” of sin and error. The Jews bewailed their absence from the temple, and Christians their being unable to meet for the divine worship, and their banishment (Worthington) from heaven. (St. Chrysostom)

I would venture to say it is clear that we as Catholics, during our sojourn, are to treat the stranger well while he is among us, and not in any other way. This does not mean someone who voted for Donald Trump, or advocates paying some attention to legalities is Beelzebub McHitler. Many on either side of the present political divide are highly selective as to the degree of law enforcement they advocate. Catholic Social Teaching is neither Robber Capitalism nor Marxist Class War Theory.

Let us pray for the things that are for the peace of Jerusalem, since we must - like the Psalmist and the Stranger - dwell among a barbarous people (Cf Ps. 113:1)

Pax vobiscum


Nicely said agree with.Knowing also Abraham was an alien himself, when he entered the Promise Land (Canaan) was he not? Abraham obeyed the Laws of the Land he entered into did he not? As an alien, by the Law, one could not purchase own property is this correct? But because Abraham was a Righteous man, obeying the Laws, he won favor with the ruler over, was given the right to purchase a small piece of land in Hebron, to bury his wife Sarah, family etc? Is this correct? Just wanting to understand is all, stand also to be corrected. Thank you peace.


Steve Bannon is a dangerous radical. His body of work in the media and politics proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt, exceedingly so for us Catholics. It is unfortunate that he was as close to the President for as long as he was and it is worse that he continues to grab the media’s attention and receive headlines in the news.

There are many impressionable folks out there… and Mr Bannon has the ability to influence them and radicalize them. His world view has been and should continue to be condemned by some in leadership roles in the Church. Unfortunately, he is also close to some in the Church… It would be great if those Catholic leaders who have been associated with Mr Bannon would speak out as well.


Hebrews dwell in strangers land, travelling about as recorded and years of their sojourn> OT? According to Genesis 15;13, 23:4-19, 26:17-32, 35:27-29, 46:1-5,47:28, 23:4-19, Acts 7-5, Hebrew 11:8-9, Galatian 3:17, Exodus 12:41, 1 Chron. 29 Ex 12? Abraham sojourned in Egypt?
A short stay or visit, or to dwell for a time, temporary (OT) travelers not considering the place as their permanent habitation? But when entering strangers land, obeyed the Laws did they not? Peace

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