Steve Bannon: Trump will be impeached unless Republicans hold the House of Representatives


From the article:

Mr Bannon predicted that the Democrats would launch impeachment proceedings as early as January 2019 – less than six months away – if the investigation into Russian election meddling had concluded by then.

“That will lead you to many months of just nastiness and, more importantly, no movement on the Trump agenda. Anybody who’s telling the president that he can … work with a Democratic Congress is dangerously naive,” he said.

Mr Bannon made clear that he thought the process would ultimately not succeed in forcing Mr Trump from office as long as the Senate remained in Republican hands.

However he said the gruelling process of impeachment hearings and other congressional investigations would be “excruciating” and make it harder to fill White House positions.

Bannon is right about this - the House will likely turn Democrat at the midterms and begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. For those of you old enough to remember the GOP’s impeachment run at Bill Clinton, you know what this will entail. Ultimately they will fail. In both cases, the motive is purely political. But it will derail much of what Trump can do going forward. Some of that is good in my opinion but most is very bad. I don’t think the Democrats can work with Trump at all - they can only attack.

Don’t forget to vote in your local Congressional and Senate races in the fall.


I’m old enough to remember it was a mistake then and it’s a mistake now.
What’s worse about it now is we have social media and 24/7 cable news channels and talking heads.
And yes I will definitely vote.


My take on the Bannon piece is that it is a scare tactic - get out in front, motivate GOP voters. I agree though that this impeachment talk also motivates the left. I am starting to wonder if the GOP is in a little bit of a MAGA bubble. We need to be aware of the sharks in the water. Ultimately impeachment talk will likely help the GOP more though because the hearings etc. would be so destabilizing and a dead end - even Mueller basically knows that. This worries moderates, independents, suburbia who all want stability and the government functioning, which translates to voting GOP.


Fivethirtyeight had a column a day or two ago observing that Republicans are talking a lot more about impeachment than the Democrats are. There are a few loudmouth Democrats out there that certainly bring it up, but for the most part it is conservatives who keep raising the topic. Honestly, whatever the Democratic rank and file might want, I think most Democrat candidates and lawmakers really have absolutely no desire to go down that road at all, particularly as it is absolutely doomed. Even if they take the House in November (which seems to a reasonably safe bet at this point), there’s no way they could ever hope to have the Senate convict. In fact, I doubt you could even convince all the Democratic Senators to remove Trump, let alone convincing twenty-odd Republicans to pull the plug.

So yes, at the end of the day, this talk of impeachment is mainly coming from conservatives, and really is a scare tactic. They’re trying to counter the fear (real or not) that eventually Trump’s base might erode with talk of impeachment as a way to galvanize that base and make sure they show up at the polls in November.


Why should we care what Steve Bannon says anyway?


I agree.

Steve Bannon is trying to make himself relevant again.


This Republican does not care what he thinks.


I already voted anyway!


For November?


the primaries!


Ah! Gotcha. I think this was about the upcoming midterms.


Oh if the midterms turn out favorably for
the democrats, I have no doubt they will
try to impeach Trump. They will be like a teenager with the keys to his Dad’s car.


More like 28-yr olds but point taken.

But then Nunes forced to subpoena the right people might not be a bad thing.


If no new information comes out beyond what is already known, I am quite certain that Trump will not be impeached, even if the Democrats win the House. But if something big comes out of the flippers’ testimony, all bets are off, even if the Democrats don’t win the House.


Lol no he isnt


If Trump is removed from office then those 50% that voted for him will know their vote is useless. Those 50% will start to demand their states reel in the federal government. We may finally get a convention of the states and remove the clear and present danger clause, the necessary and proper clause, and the define what the founders meant as to regulate commerce. If it were me I would also like to see a 4th check and balance added to the constitution, one that allowed if a majority of the states voted to ignore a federal law, a Presidential executive order or a supreme court rulling they could do so.


And I think you are projecting what you would like the majority of Republicans to believe onto Republicans.


Whether he’s right about anything else or not, he’s surely right about this one. Dems will absolutely file impeachment against Trump if they win the house.


They can’t let go of the power. Impeaching Trump is their dream come true.


If you guys insist.

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