Steve Ditko dead at age 90


Although, given his age and the fact very few of the major comic-book creators are still with us from that era it was only a matter of time this is still sad news. Memory eternal.


Blazennyj pokoj; vičnaja jemu pamjat’.
From the tribe.


Yeah I know Steve was from a Czech and Ukrainian background. Very, very sad to see him go. This was a generation of comic book creators who knew something beyond comic books and only a few of today’s writers and artists seem able to match them as the solipsism and navel gazing is endemic in the industry and damages it badly in my view. Steve’s politics drove me bonkers but at least he had the courage of his convictions and like other personal heroes like Eisner he is part of a group of people that were irreplaceable and outside of comicdom unlikely to receive the respect they should get.


Rusyn. Byl, jesm, i budu!


I’m temped to do a thread on the great comic book artists and writers who have passed on. Many of them were fascinating personalities. Kirby is one of my personal heroes, I remember some idiot calling him bloodthirsty in a documentary when Jack described his WW2 experiences and what it felt like to have to kill another human being. Clearly missing entirely of what Jack was trying to get across as Kirby was not in any way celebrating doing that or extolling it, just presenting it for what it was. Ditko was famous for his commitment to Objectivism of course and unlike one of the last survivors, Stan Lee, was a recluse.


A living legend bites the dust. How was he occupying himself for the past 40 years or so, does anyone know? Did he continue to make a living drawing comics until his old age? (Added: I see from the obituary that he did indeed continue drawing and working until the end.)

I remember him mostly for his work on Doctor Strange, which was truly cosmic.


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