Steve Harvey to Work With Trump Administration on Inner City Policy


Who knew that Steve Harvey was a racist homophobe…:shrug:


I saw the clip of Harvey being interviewed at Trump Tower. I know he supported Hillary, but I am glad he is willing to jump on board and hope he and Ben Carson can work together and do something for the inner cities. He seemed a little uncomfortable, but said he was called by both transition teams to come and listen to the proposition. He said Trump appears sincere.


This is the beauty of how Trump,being pragmatic,reaches out to those who even opposed him.He may love to tweet and counter attack the snarky comments in kind.Yet, at the end of the day as a successful businessman,he knows what it takes to get the job done.


:thumbsup: I agree. Let’s all get along!


I am not a fan of Donald Trump (and certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton, either), but he’s going to be President and that’s just how it’s going to be. This was my fb post in response to someone who called Steve Harvey a “sellout” for getting involved with the Trump administration…

Is it POSSIBLE that Mr. Harvey might be seeing this as an opportunity to actually do some good? Donald Trump is like a child that can’t/shouldn’t be left to his own devices and needs CONSTANT supervision. It is up to RESPONSIBLE people to step in and make the best of what we’ve got. Steve Harvey could easily say “no, thanks” and go on making his millions with NONE of the headaches his new job and new employer are guaranteed to cause. MAYBE he wants to try to do better. If Mr. Harvey won’t take the job, someone else will. Who knows what kind of person THAT would be??? I like Steve Harvey. From what little I know of him, he seems like a good and decent man. I HAVE to think that he would rather be able to influence the incoming administration and do whatever he can to try and steer it in the right direction than sit back, watch, {gripe} about it, and hope for the best. He’s got {gumption}. I admire that and I wish him luck.

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Trump is hardly a child and I dare sayhas enjoyed much success in the business world.He won this election beyond all odds placed against him.I would say he is a brilliant tactician.


Kellyanne Conway is brilliant. She is very much part of why Trump won because her skills deflected many of the damning blows against Trump. That said, he is very concerning to me and what he might do.

With Steve Harvey though, how do his skills of hosting Family Feud and a show remotely transfer to urban housing? I’m surprised no one.has mentioned that. (Just like how a neuroscientist doesn’t make sense for HUD in my opinion.)

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