Steve Jones at the Hay Festival: Falling birth rates in Europe and rising ones in Africa could spell decline in atheism


A combination of surging population growth in Christian Africa and population decline in Europe could signal the decline of atheism, a world-renowned geneticist has claimed.

According to Steve Jones, a professor in genetics at University College London’s Galton Laboratory, population decline in religiously sceptical European countries combined with rapid population growth in central Africa could see a resurgence of Christianity, leaving sceptics in a minority.

Speaking at the Hay Literary Festival he argued that religion grows rapidly during large population booms, particularly in poorer countries, while in Europe the Christian faith is stagnating as birth rates drop below the levels required to avoid population decline.


Well this is partly dependent on the children following that belief. Either way, God always has a way of making things work out. If Europeans want to wipe out their entire race, then so be it.


I have heard before that Atheists tend not to reproduce as much as Christian folk.


I think reason alone could do the job. I guess this will be quicker though. :smiley:


Rofl that is both twistedly excellent and very sad at the same time.


My mom once off-handedly remarked that where there is no God, there is no life. I’ve been thinking about that ever since. The power of Christ and Christianity is life.


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