Steve Martin bluegrass CD

Has anyone else bought the new Steve Martin (yes the same person as in “The Pink Panther” and “Cheaper by the Dozen” and on “SNL” when it was good) bluegrass CD, The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo? I just got it tonight and though I’ve not listened to the whole thing yet, I can say that I’m quite impressed and am really enjoying it. He wrote 14 out of the 15 songs on this album, and I haven’t heard better on my local bluegrass radio station, WDVX. Here is where you can sample the title song on this CD.

So, for those who have heard this CD, how did you like it?

Yes, I downloaded a few tracks on iTunes. I like “Pitkin County Turnaround” the best. Just wanted to emphasize that this is a ‘legit’ bluegrass album. It’s not a novelty CD or comedy act. Just legit bluegrass. If it weren’t for being on iTunes, I would not have heard of it.

And what a wonderful “legit” bluegrass CD it is, too! The only comedic track is “Late for School”. I know some banjo players that would KILL to be able to “clawhammer” like Steve Martin.

“Pitkin County Turnaround” is wonderful! I think it has the feel of “Emerson, Lake and Palmer” songs… of course, without synthasizers. Just the song structure feels similar. Also, I really like “Wally on the Run”. According to the liner notes, he wrote this after watching his dog, Wally, running down his hallway and leaping over some stairs. It’s also pretty impressive who else is playing and singing on this album, such as Dolly Partin, Vince Gill, Mary Black, Earl Scruggs, Bella Fleck, and others.

New grass maybe, Bluegrass… well it’s a banjo, but that doesn’t make it bluegrass.

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