Steve Ray's Footprints of God Series music

I absolutely love the soundtrack on these videos. The theme song is very beautiful and I am writing to see if anyone knows of how I could get it on MP3? I’d like to have it to listen to it, but I don’t know how or where or even if it would be available. Can anyone help me with that?

I also wanted to say that if anyone gets a chance to see this series to do so. They are wonderfully put together and would make great gifts for young Catholics too. I HIGHLY recommend them.

I recommend the series as well. I now own two of them, the one on our Blessed Mother, and the one “Peter and the Keys”.

I showed them to a morning after-Mass discussion group I belong to, and they were very well received.

Aren’t they great? I have the whole set. I bought it on a splurge really… just felt they were so amazing and I wanted them as a tool for evangelization… lend them out to family and friends to watch, plus as something to refresh my memory of aspects of the faith.

The thing I like best about the series is that it brings to life- REAL life- the life of Christ and His followers. You get to see where He walked and taught and the explanations from Steve Ray are really helpful to get a clear sense of what it was like in that day. Its too easy to start thinking of faith as being dull and flat, but this series plumps it back to life in abundance. Its rich. I suppose it might just be me that has that problem, but I kind of doubt it. it seems most people don’t understand their religion or think of it as boring or just ‘something you do’ or ‘have to do’. I’m still learning of course and still have my problems, but this series helps me keep away from dryness.

I’m still trying to get my family to watch them. Someday soon, I hope I will get them to sit down and watch. Unfortunately they think anything ‘religious’ would be stuffy or arrogant or dry and boring. I wish they knew what they were missing!

Oh, and does anyone know if any more in the series have been released? I’ve seen in adverts that there are a few more, but never have seen them available. I just supposed that they were working on them and would be released soon.

It is my understanding that they are in the planning stage and are not available yet.

Oh, and judging from the various ages of my grandchildren, I can safely say that this series would be appreciated by junior high and high schoolers that are attending CCD!

Very much agree! Choosing which one to purchase for them would be tricky though. All of them are so interesting.

I would say for younger kids (age 8 and below maybe?) they probably might not get too into it. But then again, I remember watching shows like this with my family on PBS (similar format, different subject matter) when I was a young girl and I still would be enthralled even though most of it would be over my level of understanding. It may be that families don’t have that sort of family bonding time in front of the tube like it was in the 80’s. :shrug:

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