Steven King vs. Glenn Beck: Who Wins?

Steven King has scared me so badly, that as an adult, I’m still afraid to look out the window in the middle of the night.

I think Stephen King hit the nail on the head - Beck is a kook, but a sincere one. He really does seem to believe his schtick. And he clearly thinks he’s the funniest guy in the room.
Unseemly for both of them to carry on a public grump fest, though. What’s the point?

I would rather hang out with someone like Glenn Beck, honestly.

I’ve only watched Beck a couple of times, seems like an entertaining enough fellow, but the real question should be “Obama vs. Glenn Beck: Who Wins?” And the clear answer is; Glenn Beck Wins. The messiah and his minions in the White House are terrorfied of Beck, they have beckophobia you might say. They even had Shirley Sherrod fired right away because they were afraid Beck MIGHT run the speech, not that he already did, but that he might soon. They fired Van Jones because of Beck, they forced out Anita Dunn because of Beck, the list is long and comical.

I’m not a fan of either. Stephen King is a washed up writer-who was never very good in the first place (sorry people, it’s truth) and Glen Beck, even though I probably agree with him on the majority of issues, has a bad delivery.

Just my thoughts.

I never did “get” why so many like Stephen King’s novels, I tried to finish *The Stand *twice, each time I quit about a third of the way because it was so boring and I couldn’t care less about any of the main charaters. I my humble opinion his main character’s personality traits are cartoonish versions of how real people think and behave

LOL! The Stand was one of his view books I actually liked! Go figure! I thought that was the only book of his that actually had believable characters!

But your right about the rest-so many of his characters are one dimensional.

I’d rather hang out with Stephen King. Every interview I’ve ever seen him do, I’ve been intrigued. Beck likes to hit everyone’s panic button too much and whip people into a frenzy.

I never did care for his novels, but I love some of the movies that were based on his writings, such as Stand by Me and Shawshank Redemption.

Same here. But mainly that fear has passed. I remember when i was a kid. While staying on my uncles farm. We watched salem’s lot. That kid at the window did it for me. I remember the night after watching that movie. I was laying in bed. When i heard a noise outside my window. Which was above the head of my bed. I got up to look. And there was a kangaroo staying back in at me. Scared the …heck out of me, i tell ya.

That said. The most serious book i read is the Bible. As for the others, i like my books to be like the movies i watch. Which is just something to just enjoy and relax with. No deep thinking or does it need to have some deep meaning…Just mindless entertainment.

I don’t know who would win. As i don’t really know much about Beck. All i know is that the lefites hate, so he can’t be all that bad.

I despise both: Stephen King and his juvenile,scatological fetishes and Glenn Beck is so greedy he would probably sell even his own mother if someone would pay. :rolleyes:

Gotta say, I do enjoy Stephen King novels…and he’s a Red Sox fan, which counts for something in my book. :slight_smile: I do agree with alot of what Beck says, but I absolutely despise the way he seems to talk down to his audience. I don’t like feeling like I am being talked to down to, and that is how I feel every time I watch his show…suffice to say, I don’t watch much…lol.
All in all, though, I think the whole ‘feud’ is childish and not really worth talking about- although that is exactly what we are all doing…lol :slight_smile:

It was Salem’s Lot that made me afraid to look out the window.
Maybe there is something we lefties and righties can agree on.
God Bless you.

The day I go to Stephen King for politics, I will go to Dan Brown for catechism.

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