Steven McDonald, Paralyzed New York Police Department Detective Who Became a Beacon of Peace After Forgiving Shooter, Dies at 59


This news article isn’t so much about his death as the story of the soul of this Catholic policemen. McDonald believed that what happened on the day a bullet paralyzed him from the neck down was nothing less than God’s will, intended to turn him into a messenger of God’s word. He corresponded with his assailant in prison and dreamed that his assailant would join him on the speaking tours where he was giving his message of faith and forgiveness, but his assailant died in a motorcycle accident after being released. Cardinal Dolan of New York called him “an icon of mercy and forgiveness.”


Oh my, Conor’s Facebook post brought tears to my eyes.


O Lord Jesus, thank for this man’s witness to love and mercy. Please have mercy on his soul, his family, and his community. Amen.


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