Steven Seagal in "Call to Share"

In one scene, he’s sitting in a pew at Mass and a basket gets passed around for “Call to Share” donations and the guy next to him doesn’t take out his wallet, so Seagal chastises him for being stingy. When the guy tells him it’s none of his business, Seagal looks indignant and slams the guy’s head on the pew, and threatens to do it again, at which point, the guy takes out his wallet and puts some of his money in the basket.

Steven Seagal…he gets older, but he just won’t grow up.

sounds like a case of – actions speak louder than words. there is value in that sometimes.

I never heard of this movie. Are you sure that’s the title?

Dear foolishmortal,

The sort of juvenile and unintelligent film that contains this type of unwholesome content and gratuitous violence is surely best avoided by Catholics who are earnestly pursuing holiness. This is soul polluting and culturally unhealthy viewing material - give it a very wide berth. You are worthy of more noble things than this debased nonsense.

Warmest good wishes,


There is a running joke in JCVD about how Van Damme and Seagal are in constant competetion in the direct to DVD action movie market.

Is there any Seagal movie anybody has heard of in the last 10 years?

I agree!

To those who thought it was real: April Fool’s Day!

He is a bit full of himself, though, it seems. I think, like a lot of Hollywood non-oriental Buddhists, he really makes a mockery of their religion and ought to be told to cut it out.

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