Stevie Nicks Says "There Would Have Been No Fleetwood Mac" If She Had Not Gotten an Abortion

People have been sacrificing their children for centuries in order for their gods to bring them good things in life.

It is sad.

But unfortunately it has been the case for many women. That’s why there’s strong pro-choice support and how birth control and abortion became linked to the feminist movement, because they realised it’s hard to be independent, to pursue what they want etc if they would have to give birth when they least expect it

I get that sentiment, and I get where she was coming from. If I get knocked up now, it would greatly affect my career and educational goals. I imagine it to be worse if you’re in the showbiz, where you’re constantly touring.

Taylor Swift briefly talked about this in a documentary, where she expressed hesitation over having children because she said her life is always planned out ‘2-3 years ahead of time’. They’re a brand, and their actions directly contribute to their team’s paychecks. Some artists address this by taking a break or doing what fits them the most (e.g. I believe she herself stopped doing insane tours), but that’s usually a luxury for those who are already rich and successful and could rely on the occasional album or tour.

It’s just that at the end of the day, it’s simply not morally okay to end an innocent life. A Catholic response would to just make various industries more appropriate for mothers, and appropriate behaviour obviously.


Walking over the dead bodies of others, in pursuit of material gain is not new in our world, but it’s painful seeing it encouraged and celebrated.
Women pointing to killing children in the name of achieving goals might be horrified at the idea of their husbands treating them in similar fashion in the name of achieving theirs. Domestic violence is a problem both within and outside of the womb.

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Your last sentence scares me. Are you saying you think Women who get abortions should be charged with a crime like Gilead in real life?

I think you may have responded to me by mistake. I am unfamiliar with Gilead.

it’s the fictional country/Theocracy of a Handmaid’s tale.

She said violence was a problem.

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