Sticking up for what is right


I was at my local Wal-Mart recently when a lady standing outside handed me a simple booklet. I thought it was a coupon book at first until I walked further into the store and looked at it. To my shock it was a ‘chick’ tract. I made my daughter throw it away immediately, which made my children question my actions. I pushed our cart into the store, and tried to explain to them what it was… My daughter says, “Mom, she shouldn’t be handing those things to people.” I realized she was right, and went looking for the store manager.

After waiting momentarily, the manager approached me and asked me where the woman was, what she looked like, etc… They intended to ask her to leave.

I was glad that I said something, not only because she was handing out booklets that spread lies about what we believe in, but also because my daughters saw that standing up for what is right is something we should all do.

Sometimes standing up for the faith doesn’t require a megaphone or a loud presence. My daughters see that being a good Christian requires action, but that it can be done without making a scene. I try to live the values of my faith, and spread it to others. Hopefully by stopping the woman from handing out false information, I did what was right.


As a Catholic, thank you for stopping the spread of those vicious lies! I’m sure that Jesus and the angels thank you as well.
Kudos to raising a daughter who stands up for her faith.

I think you’re totally right: it’s the little things, like this, that make the biggest difference, both in our battle against evil and in our struggle to get to heaven. It’s easy, a lot of the time, to make the right choice in a big decision, but often harder to make it in the small ones.


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I hadn’t realized those ridiculous things were still being passed around. Aren’t they antiques by now? :confused:

Thank-you for standing up for Christ, and another thank-you to that store manager who had the courage to also stand up against discrimination like that. :thumbsup: :clapping:

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Peace and Blessings



What is a ‘chic’ track?:confused:


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