Still conflicted about wedding attendance

so I posted a while ago about my sports teammate who is getting remarried. after praying about it and talking to priests, I’ve decied that I can probably attend because I really don’t have any information about his previous marriage. in fact, he has never spoken of it himself, anything I have heard is kind of through the grapevine from other people

I’m still a bit unsure though, I really don’t want to do anything of offend God and maybe this is a test for me and I’m about to fail it.

I know he’s not caohtlic so we really can’t say anything about the validity of the previous marriage but remarriage being adultery applies to everyone and not just catholics. I don’t really think I can get out of it now anyways, I think my parents are basically going to make me go. and it’s difficult because their own marriage is invalid so it makes things very delicate at home.

I just don’t want to be in mortal sin.


Yes, two:

a) You received comprehensive advice already in the previous thread.

b) Your priest has OK’d it.


mortal sin???

Since when is kindness a mortal sin?
If your priest said it was OK, why would you question it further?

Yeah, if you have received counsel from a priest, I would recommend following that.

A Jewish friend once told me that in Judaism, if one is uncertain how to act in a situation, one should ask a rabbi. There is no sin if you follow his advice. However, one may not ask two rabbis and take the advice one prefers.

I think the same applies in Catholicism. [Also it is not fair to pick a priest will give you the advice you wish to hear.]

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