Still confused about the lord's day

sorry for asking this again but things are all over the board on this one.

I’m getting responses that we shouldn’t do things that hinder worship to god on sundays.

but then other people say that shopping or eating out on sunday is a sin, or watching tv or playing sports or working in general.

I’m just so confused. especially since the church used to forbid sunday buying or selling and working. how is it not a sin now?

I’m very sorry, it’s just that it’s hard to know what to do when the catechism is a bit vague and everyone’s opinion is all over the board.

I do realize however, that sunday is not the Sabbath and we don’t need to keep all those Sabbath commandments. but the church has developed her own version of things that might not be beneficial for the day over the centuries. it’s just not too clear at the moment.

Here’s my take. In today’s world, many people do not have the luxury of choosing their work hours. The only people who really do get to choose their hours are people who are self-employed. As such, most people don’t have a choice to whether they have to work on Sundays or not. And businesses are wary of closing on Sundays because they don’t want to sacrifice their bottom line. Of course, hospitals and emergency personnel have never had much of a choice - life-threatening emergencies don’t care what day of the week it is. As for sports and eating out, it’s a hard call. Many fathers bond with their sons over sports. And often eating out is done to bond as a family.

Traditionally, Sundays were the days where families had the time to bond in this manner (which is why Sunday baseball games are still primarily during the day, and why NFL games are primarily on Sunday afternoons). Yet both Sunday baseball games and NFL games start around 1 o’clock local time - to give the locals time to go to church in the morning, and generally let out in time for locals to go to evening church services (because some of the stricter Protestant churches require - or at least used to require - attendance at both morning and evening church services on Sunday).

Try thinking about it less in terms of what you can and cannot do and more in terms of how you can bring honor to God on the Lord’s Day. We don’t spend money on Sundays and I don’t do certain things that are related to my professional life—I don’t check political polls, for example. But I wouldn’t suggest that every dollar spent on Sunday and every poll checked is a sin. As general rule, yes, I think you should try to avoid spending money, especially shopping. And you should try to squeeze housework, busywork, chores, etc. into the other six days of the week. All of that is geared towards making Sunday truly a day of rest and a day dedicated to your family and our Lord, in prayer, reading, quiet time, etc. So it isn’t so much about a kind of legalistic avoidance of “forbidden activities” and more about honoring the Lord.


And, once again we will remind you that the “people” on extremist websites who are saying all these nutty things about pants, women’s occupations, Sunday, modesty, and all the other things you have posted on here about ** should be avoided** because they are-- well-- NUTTY.

The internet is full of people saying all sorts of things. It doesn’t make it true.

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