Still confused with changes in a given culture


mostly relating to modfesty, I know it’s mainly a cultural thing.

for exampoe, everyone used to wear clothers that covered most of them, now shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits in western culture.

why are these things considered ok now? isn’t this a change in modesty standards?

and who’s to say it won’t keep going?


It’s a change in what people will tolerate as acceptable.
You’re in college right? Maybe check out some sociology courses.


You might want to research clothing from centuries past – tights on men, codpieces, things like that. Cultural modesty standards see-saw between various extremes.


I think it will “keep going” but not sure where it will keep going.

I doubt people will start going everyplace nude. As other say, what is considered modest changes all the time and differs wildly in various cultures and times.

As clothing changes, so do understandings of what is considered “sexy” in various cultures.

Curves during one decade, near skeletons in another. Swim trunks for men that go down nearly to the knee, a few years later speedos.

And so much of lust is in the eye of the beholder. I find it much harder to keep my mind on pure thoughts when I see an attractive man in a dress shirt than bare chested (yuck), but the man in a dress shirt is in no way immodest, the dude mowing his lawn bare chested isn’t immodest in my mind either. I just don’t want to see it.

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