Still facing backlash from conversion


AND I AM JUST SOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I have this person I know from back in my protestant days taht I was unable to keep in touch with over the years because he was in prison. Well, he’s out and off probation and he is deciding to focus his newfound energy for god though protestantism on yours truly.

Basically, he started posting things on facebook, and telling me to respond to them. I did, and when I did he started just tearing apart everything I was saying even though I was AGREEING with him and then making judgement calls about me following a “works based” faith and how I am “counting on religion to save me.” well, I basically backed him into a corner on that and told him that if he wants to bash catholicism to me, have at. I have facts and knowledge that I could pound him into the ground with, but I absolutely WILL NOT TOLERATE someone telling me what I believe even when I have said SPECIFICALLY that I do not believe what they are accusing me of!!!:mad:

Anyway, this isn’t anything new, I dealt with a huge round of this kind of crud when I first became catholic from my protestant friends. (and seeing as how I was in the ministry program, I was pretty well connected) the problem is I figured anyone who was gunna make a go of it had their chance to get it in. Apparently this guy was just lurking. :mad:

Then after we had this HUGE discussion and he played nice and apologized he posts on his facebook “I hate religion.” Obviously, because he was debating with a cathoic we weren’t discussion God, we were discussing the “man made god” that relgion was, because clearly that’s what I believe!!

GAH! I am just SO frustrated! Thanks guys for letting me vent. I just thought all this crud was done. I wonder how many more I have to put up with before it finally stops. :mad:


(although I have to admit, I am still pretty frustrated about this!)


Vent away girl.

Sounds like you did well.

There are times when all you can do is shake the dust from your sandals and move on. :shrug:



Sadly it never ends. Hatred is all over the place especially directed at Catholics. We have websites dedicated to hatred of us, centuries of it. ppl hate truth and as we have plenty of it along with faith we are sadly targets for others to vent on us. The only answer i can give you is to pray, pray and pray some more. Ask our mother to pray with us to our lord Jesus for patience and understanding.


I was actually going to go through RCIA this year until a series of fights with my mom led me to postpone that (I still go to mass every Sunday). She told me I am betraying my family and that she would not attend my wedding if I had a Catholic wedding (I’m not currently engaged…). And this was from my own mother…

Stay strong. I know the pain and I’ll certainly be praying for you. I know that in my selfishness I think, this is horrible I am the ONLY person who has this burden! And clearly, that’s not the case. Appropriate use of venting is healthy sometimes, so vent away!!


Thanks for the kind words guys. I am just SO frustrated. I mean, he totally lured me into discusion with flase pretenses, and any time we try to talk about things we agree on (like gay marriage) he totally twists everything I say so he doesn’t agree with me. Then says things like “Oh, am I starting to make you think?

grrr!! I dunno why this has me to bothered! I think I just had too much down time between attacks or something. I was lured into a false security.

Although this kind of treatment is why when I find myself in protestant circles (happens a lot) and they talk about scripture or whatever, I generally will discuss with them but withold which church I attend. Funny enough because they all agree with me until they hear what church I go to. :mad:

sbaum, I am sorry about your mom. I finished RCIA before I got married and had a catholic wedding which many of my friends and family did not attend. It hurt, but the hurt that came on ym wedding day from that could not be replaced by the joy of having a true sacramental marriage in the true Church of Christ!


Jesus was hated and crucified by his own people. He told us not to expect anything different.

However, I do say this to you as a parent. My grown children have left the church - one went the way of his wife and the other just isn’t a church goer. I pray for them every day. I myself left the church for a period in my 20s, and I know how terrible my parents must have felt. But they kept praying for me, and I eventually did return. Maybe sometimes we have to exercise our brain muscles when we go from childhood to adult life, and it can be a confusing time.

It hurts that my children are not Catholics today. Whenever they open it up for discussion, I put in my thinking. But I don’t push them. I let them know that I will always love them, and that I know they must find their own way to God now that they are adults.

Friends are the same.

And I have had several close Protestant friends, and there are times when I can “feel” the hatred toward Catholicism behind their remarks. As we talk, their lack of knowledge and of their own faith is usually behind it. Like most of us, we’ve been taught what to think since childhood., and the masses usually don’t move on to something new unless something comes into their lives that makes them question their present beliefs.

Pray for your friends and family. They are having a hard time too seeing you leave “their world.” It’ll take time.


Ugh, that’s annoying.

Just offer it up/block him from your facebook:D Don’t provoke him because people like him live for that kind of thing, as you know. It makes me sick. :frowning: Let’s pray for their conversion!!


Yeah…I still have lots of close protestant friends. We have established a mutual respect for each others difference. They know we disagree with them, and we know they disagree with us, but we agree to disagree. We are able to keep things perfectly civil. But with other’s it’s hard.

When I first converted most people dropped off immediately. There were a few stragglers hanging on…although some of them decided to make their stand at my wedding. Yeah, I had people bashing catholicism at my catholic wedding. Needless to say that was indeed their last stand as I don’t speak to them anymore.

I am thinking about deleting him altogether, I am just worried about the further backlash…I dunno. It’s weird. Instead I just chose to have his status updates and notes hidden so I don’t have to read his trash anymore. grrr!

I’m still worked up…maybe tomorrow I can say a rosary specially for his conversion to truth! :wink:


Tell him to come here and show the rest of us deluded Catholics the error of our ways. Poor guy won’t know what hit him. :smiley:

Seriously, though – since he refuses to carry on a civil discussion, refuse to engage. If you have to, defriend him and/or block him on FB.


LOL!!! I honestly considered doing that. But…I worried more about inflicting all of you with him. LOL

sorry…I don’t mean to sound mean or uncharitable…just still venting…LOL


He’s starting in on me again…:rolleyes:


Time for the broken record approach.

“I choose not to discuss these issues with you since you can’t be respectful of my faith. Please stop or I will block you.” Copy/paste in reply to all his posts.

You know, I really don’t thnk it’d be a bad idea to invite him here. If nothing else he can learn some rules about civil and respectful discussion.


I am debating cping the whole conversation here. The problem is the thread could too easily get hijacked as we start into other things we are talking about.

Basically he is going on and on about how catholics teach that all protestants are going to hell. He provided me with very weak references to that (church doctors, and teachers that are talking about people not finding salvation outside the church before the reformation." I said that he is showing that he is not fully knowledgable of the faith because if he knew the faith he’d know that the church and the POPE doesn’t teach that, and if fact, teach the opposite. I said his references were out of context because they were all written when there were no protestants. The only people who weren’t part of the church were pagans. He is calling me “blind” and “arrogant” and “self-righteous” becuase the seems to think that I am saying that if he truly understood he’d agree with me. Which is true! If he truly understood church teaching he’d agree that catholics do not teach that all protestants are going to hell! :mad:


It bothers me a lot too – more than anything else – when Protestants antagonistically insist I believe things that I don’t believe.

If you do start a thread with the guy, would you do it in the Apologetics Forum, though?

I will say, though, he sounds like he’s hard hearted right now, and some of what you quoted him as saying is sarcastic and mean. So I personally wouldn’t even bother. When he’s closed, he’s closed, and that’s a good time to stop the conversation and just pray for him.


Thanks. I have been reading the whole thread we have on FB to my husband. He is also frustrated by him. We have agreed that the next response I’ll make will be a closing one. He is heard-hearted, ignorant, and rude. I want to delete him from my FB right now, but DH thinks that’d be a bad idea at the moment.

And yes, If I do start a thread with him here we’ll do it in apologetics. I started this one here because I thought it’d be appropriate for tha nature of my original post…trying to get encouragement when you run into this hostility, usually in reference to a conversion. :frowning:


Yeah, I agree, this thread definitely does belong here. I was just thinking an argument over doctrine or evidence had best be left back in Apologetics.

God bless you and all your family :).


Here’s an article you could send to him; not sure if it’ll help but it’s worth a shot. It’s very clearly written and explains Church teaching then and now very well.

Can Non-Catholics Be Saved?
by Mark P. Shea


It’s actually taken a turn so far south that I have told him to stop messaging me. He’s gotten very nasty. I did refer him to this forum though.


You really should… Then he won’t have any energy left after dealing with us.

Please refer him here!! You sound like you’ve been going it yourself for far too long, you need a break:p

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