Still in Love with Judas?

So, the moment the song, Judas came out, I’ve been pissed off. It just seems to me that Lady Gaga wants to spit on Catholicism anyway she can to promote her own agendas. And from seeing her Alejandro video, I was assuming that Judas wold be even more vulgar. This time around, it wasn’t as bad as watching a nun swallow the rosary and get gangraped, but still not really respectful, imo, of Jesus and especially not Mary Magedline.

One comment for the video said:

"My interpretation of the video is, ‘The Big Lie’ facilitated by The Roman Catholic Church, which is that GOD loved everyone. She is affirming the doctrine of Original Sin by confessing shes a slut and other sins. She acknowledges, ‘Jesus is her virtue,’ yet, Jesus adjures her for her sinner self. She is equating sinner Judas to herself, be yourself, Jesus loves you, all is well, be your own God. She has been betrayed by that lie. Unfortunately, there is nothing Christian in her caveat. "

I agree with what is said there. You can watch the video here:

And it all brings me to two questions. Do you guys think that Jesus forgave Judas, considering that Judas helped him fulfill the prophecy? And mot importantly, forgiveness is important, but is it okay for us to forgive Judas for betraying our Messiah in such a way?

I think that we can forgive Judas, Jesus loved Judas despite his sin, just as He loves every single human being. Each human chooses his/her own fate, Judas included. If he chose to accept Jesus’ forgiveness, and was truly sorry for his sin, then he could have been saved. If he refused to accept His forgiveness (for example through despair, believing he was “too bad” to be forgiven), then he would not be saved, by his own choice.

I’m actually one of those who don’t believe Judas is necessarily in hell, especially if he was truly repentant, which it seems like he was.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if one day as Jesus in heaven is conversing with the 12 Apostles, says to Judas, who is hesitant to approach the circle, “Welcome Home”?

There’s a fantasy story I read years ago (I can’t recall the name of it for the life me at the minute though) where a character guides the protagonist to correct wrongs in the world by giving people a subtle nudge to follow a more moral path. It’s strongly implied the character directing the protagonist is Judas who is serving a penance for his sins.

Although then there is the more silly end of things such as Dracula 2000, a movie which suggests Dracula was Judas…

I used to think along those same lines too until Patrick Coffin made me rethink when he mentioned that Jesus told in the gospels that it is better for that man (referring to Judas) to have not been born. I think there is only one reason why one is better to not have been born and that is because you are bound to hell. The glory and perfection of being in union with God will make a thousand years of suffering worth living.

It was odd for Jesus to say it was better for Judas to not have been born if he was really in heaven or in purgatory preparing for heaven.


If you want a much better song that speaks to that, I’d recommend You Love Me Anyways by Sidewalk Prophets. The climax of the song is very moving.

It seems that it’s possible that Judas repented, and of course God’s mercy is endless, but some have said that Judas later sinned by despair. He did not accept God’s forgiveness and so went to hell. Of course, we don’t know for 100%. It would be good if he actually did accept God’s mercy :slight_smile: (just before he died I suppose).

The best way to fight against her is to not purchase anything she is involved with. I don’t myself but I don’t care for her style of music. She’s just a Madonna replacement for the industry which is just a factory and business in the end. If something isn’t making them money then they will quit producing them. I vote with my pocket book. You can also contact brands that hire her or use her to advertise and tell them you won’t purchase their product if they use her. That’s really all you can do.

I love that song…we each bear the responsibility of his death…“we are the thorns”…“we are the nails”…we are Judas’ kiss"…“but He loved us anyway.”

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