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Are you calling me a problem? I didn’t think I was flouting teaching just seeking deeper understanding.

This is what I was thinking. One year in the Church is still spiritul infancy. I don’t mean that in an insulting way, but there is often much healing which has to happen before we are healthy enough to change the world.

I would suggest cultivating a life of prayer first. We go nowhere without prayer.


Actually, the Church never declared a “doctrine” on the Earth being the center of the universe. And, the Church has never changed any of the doctrines handed on to her by Christ, because the Church has received her doctrines from Christ, and does not claim the authority to correct Him.

The Church was established by Christ. It is a living, Divine entity. It is the Body of Christ. Do not be confused. There have also always been sinful men within it, both within the hierarchy (start with the Apostles!) and the laity. There is no infallible claim to matters of discipline or administration, but there is with regard to the doctrines of the Church.

Fortunately the church is always very explicit about what it is infallibly teaching vs what might just be a consensus. The Pope might even declare what soccer team he thinks is best in the world, but it will be clear that that is not an actual doctrine of the church.

The Hypostatic union is the union of Christ’s two natures (Human and Divine) in one person. I’m sure someone with more theological authority might be able to explain it more thoroughly.


My patron saint, St. Edith Stein, said “All who seek truth are seeking God”. To me, you sound like a sincere seeker of truth. I agree with the poster who suggested that the enemy is trying to draw you away.

Since your RCIA left a lot to be desired (a common complaint), maybe you need to begin a serious self-study program. A sympathetic priest or spiritual director can guide you, but you could start with some of the excellent books by Scott Hahn and Brad Pitre. It sounds to me as if you really need to learn more about Catholic teachings. I wouldn’t pay much attention to the attitudes of my friends. Your relationship with Christ is much more important; try focusing on that for a while.

No I was not calling you a problem. It is good that you are seeking deeper understanding

It is a problem though, and a barrier to communication, when people read into posts things that are not there. If I have something to direct specifically to you, I will do so.

You asked if the Church has problems. Yes it does. In fact you reference it in your opening post. One of the problems that YOU have is with people who do not understand Church teaching. Add to this, the ones who openly flaunt teachings on contraception and abortion, like HHS secretary Selebius (sp?)…

The Church’s teachings are good and they are sound, protected as they are by Christ Himself, our Lord and King. How much better our world would be if more Catholics would seek deeper understanding and live in obedience to our Lord and King in His Church. What a force for good that would be.


Sorry:o You are about as touchy about this as I am.:blush: I agree completely and thank you for sharing.

Perhaps I am a bit touchy. But I’ve been through this before.
I am very careful in how I post. I do not “imply”. If I need to make a statement of a personal nature, you will know it. :wink:


I hear ya. I have been reading posts on here for quite some time, and seen some sarcastic remarks, and it usually doesn’t translate well into written language. I apologize for jumping to a conclusion. You seem to be very careful in your wording. :slight_smile:

I have that problem with some fellow Catholics…hey we are all human. It’s just that they are all Republican all the time…even if those Republican are NOT pro-life. I just distance myself from them and when they start talking about it…I keep quiet. It doesn’t matter if they think I am for those canidates or not…who cares what they think or the world thinks?

We all have our conversion…and people have different problems then others. BTW…you will find this in other churches as well. I would spend time in prayer and adoration…Christ will never steer you wrong.

wow…way to help someone with their questions. just…wow.

He is all good. no probs. we moved past it, he actually turned out to be quite helpful. no worries.

Look…you can’t do much about the way others think and what others say. That’s just life. What you can do is leave it up to God to judge another’s actions and deeds. In the end…it’s only God who decides people’s eternity, not the people sitting next to you in mass. I have my own difficulties with questions I have about the Church…but I also know this is where I am supposed to be because this is where God has led me. All that matters is if we are in the state of Sanctifying grace. That’s it. Nothing else matters. God will take care of everything else…he always does.

Your job is to be a faithful Catholic, to fight the battles that try your faith and to follow the examples of the saints who have lived before you and have had to fight their own battles, whatever those may have been. The one thing I know is that being a Catholic is not easy. If it were, everyone would be Catholic and the Catholic Church would have no enemies. Which means we are doing something right because in general, when it comes to religion, no one like the hard ways and will despise anything that makes us sacrifice a part of our selves for God. :shrug:

It’s not up to you to change people’s minds or figure out what they think about or why they think that way. I would have given up on the Church a long time ago if I worried about some of the things that have crossed my path. :thumbsup:

Don’t give up on the Church because of another person’s judgements, opinions or condemnations…please realize that God, in his mercy, is the ultimate judge. He decides, in the end, what is to be. No one else.

That’s my 2 cents.

As has been suggested before you’re going to Mass for Christ my friend, not for the parishioners. Living the faith is very difficult. We should “all” be against homosexuality but NOT at the expense to the dignity of homosexual persons. Showing love to someone does not mean supporting or turning a blind eye to their sin. It also doesn’t mean condemning them either. It’s hard for many people to strike that appropriate balance the Church points out, primarily because it’s such a social issue for us in society today. But don’t let your parishioners ruin your experience. You aren’t at Mass to receive your parishioners or their opinions. You’re there to receive the Lord in the Eucharist. If you absolutely must try seeking out another parish (personally my parish is phenomenal, VERY loving community and I haven’t come across any of that so those parishes are out there). But don’t let the actions or personal beliefs of others separate you from your Lord! God Bless!

Apologized and moved on from this about 35 posts ago. Thanks for joining the conversation and digging up old news, great way to start a flame war.

Said the same very thing. I mean… wow… not helpful, just…wow.:smiley:


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