still reciting the old translatiion - obnoxiously loud at mass

was at [edited] in Norristown PA. at the 5:30pm mass yesterday. There was a woman with her husband a couple of rows back who kept reciting the old translation, being loud about it to the point it almost drowned out the people around me.

Does anyone else experience imature people like this?

Oh boy.

oh boy is right. I wish people like this would just grow up.

Charity in all things. She may be doing her best and just can’t get it together to remember the new words.

Also, please don’t mention the specific parish and Mass. I believe that is against forum rules, or at least prudence and common sense.

Are they an older couple? I notice that some (not all, but some) older parishoners still recite the old translation.

As we are about to enter the 6th month of using the new translation, IMO, there is NO EXCUSE for anyone to be using the old version. I don’t care how old one person is, 6 months is more than enough time to adapt to the new translation.

If you still have the pew cards, turn around and hand them one. :smiley:

they are in their 50s or appeared to be.
They have pew cards in plain site. I think she is one of the few angry ones and wants to make it known.

I did look back at here once or twice and her husband gave me an obnoxious look like ‘yes we are going to disrupt the mass because we want OUR way’

they are not older as in senior citizen. they are 50s maybe,

pew cards are there. they just out right refused to follow them.

Oh there may be people, elders, doing this for awhile. I imagine the set ways at some point become, well set ways.

The loud intentional part I haven’t seen. Usually IMHO being polite and pointing out the issue usually resolves it. After mass. I can’t see an intentional part carried foward week after week.

Life is stanger than fiction I suppose.

If I remember correctly, the pew cards I’ve seen in the Archdiocese of Philly, when I go to visit my mom, are pretty small and difficult to read. I haven’t been to that church since the new translation hit, so I don’t know if they are the same cards, but I had trouble reading them and there was no way my mom could. If they are an older couple, they may not be able to read them. I actually had copies mode of the one’s put out by my diocese (it was marked as copyrighted, but freely distributable) and gave them to my mom for her use and her friends.

I think the charitable thing to do, is to assume they don’t know the new translation, but are fervent in their participation - and that’s the best they can do. Then, next time you go, look out for them and sit at least 6 pews away. And if you can STILL hear them - offer the mass and communion for them.

The pew cards in the philly are big enough to read.

Is this really that much of a problem? So a few still say “And also with you.” Is that enough for everyone to get upset? At some Masses I have attended you couldn’t even hear what the people were murmuring. I’d prefer to respond in the Latin (and it would be legal) but I can only imagine how much commotion that would stir up.

Yup, giving them the attention won’t help. It will just encourage them to be louder – if that is the case. It is a wonderful opportunity to offer that little frustration up for a softening of their heart, however. IT’s wonderful how God gives us those little daily dramas to help us learn patience and charity.

oh dear, the good thing is that there are a lot of parishes in the area, so if this is a constant problem, you can look elsewhere. I’m a member of St. Helena’s in Blue Bell myself, and I’ve never had this problem at any of the masses I’ve attended. (usually 11, but sometimes Saturday at 5). The pew cards at St. Helena’s are in something like size 20 font, which could help with the reading factor. Your location says Plymouth Meeting, have you tried Epiphany? It might be closer, and the parishioners there are usually pretty good.

Welcome to a “replay” of the 60’s…

What you experienced is a small form and example of the same sort of thing that happened way back when when the mass switched from Latin to English…It was hard on older Catholics and some resisted it rather vocally…

Of course this change is quite a bit less profound, but still you have witnessed the profound difficulty some people have with change.


At mass yesterday, the priest used the old form at some points. He is retired and I think he was saying it from memory. I rather doubt that he would obstinately refuse to change.

Are you sure they’re not hard of hearing, and don’t realize how loud they’re being?

This reminds me of a man in our parish a few years before the new translations came about would loudy shout “I believe” during the Creed at every place where we recited “We believe” as well as a little different translation as to what we prayed. It was loud and obnoxious! We also have people, though not loud nor not quite so obnoxious, will kneel after the Agnus Dei, even though our former bishop has declared that we are to remain standing.

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