Still snowing?


Any one still dealing with snow?!?! It snowed heavily on the way to work this morning - I was over an hour late with traffic.

Then it stopped and the sun was out and the snow was melting.

Now it is nearly time to go home again and it is snowing AGAIN. I can’t take another slow commute!

On the bus this morning, I had to pee! ( I am 7 months pregnant ) and when the bus driver announced that it would take another hour, I almost cried. I was tempted to jump off the bus and pee on the golf course but I figured all the slow traffic commuters would see. eeek.


It is supposed to snow and sleet tomorrow. ICK!! Winter, be gone!!!


Supposed to get a foot again tonite and tomorrow… and blow in 30mph winds.




Yes, it is snowing out there right now. :mad:

Less than before, though. It’s supposed to go up to 11 tomorrow, and 20 by Sunday. :shrug:

My husband doesn’t want me to go into work tonight - he’s worried that I’ll get trapped on the highway in a white-out. :frowning:


It was a pleasant 72 here today. A bit of a surprise though.



On the ski mountain I work at we’ve had 34 feet all year…19 foot base, and its supposed to snow about another foot atleast

And our summer season starts in a month and a half :confused:


Sounds like you got our weather ;). It got downright cold in the Southwest and even snowed on the mountains - it is really pretty. We could see the cloud cover and the snow getting laid down - looked like over 7000 feet, below that there was no snow.

Brenda V.


I absolutely and totally love snow,cold temps and winter.
I would be happy to not see the grass from November 1 to March 31st,but by April,I am ready for spring (I hate the heat and humidity of summer though).
Here’s hoping you get through this weekend—Spring WILL come and it makes you appreciate the season that more when you’ve waited so long for it!


:mad: :mad: :mad: I hate winter. We are due for 6 or so inches tonight and tomorrow. It’s going to be MAY in not too many weeks!!!

OK - done with my rant.


Still snowing here…sigh The weatherman says 68 degrees on Monday, but I’m not holding my breath.


It’s just our typical spring weather…although the drive in to work today was a white knuckle one. I always worry about the big trucks and SUV drivers who mistake four wheel drive with the ability to stop instantly on slushy, icy roads.

In any case, this snow can only mean green grass when it starts warming up tomorrow. My kids sure had fun playing in the snow today; it was perfect for snow balls, snow forts and snow men!


What is this ‘snow’ you speak of? :wink:

Just teasing :slight_smile: I grew up in a state with cold winters, and I certainly don’t miss driving in snow and ice! I DO miss seeing the beauty of snow falling silently, blanketing the world … I love to watch it … as long as I’m inside a warm house :o

Honestly, I do empathize with your frustrations at the seemingly never-ending winter. Take heart, though … in a few months, you’ll be enjoying lovely summer weather, while I’ll be roasting in 100+ degree temps! :eek:


Welcome to spring! HA! We’re currently getting more snow on top of the 7 inches we got last night. We’ll end up with about a foot or more of snow. Kids even missed school today–which is rare around here! I’m ready for spring and hoping this is the last snowfall of the season–of course the season starts again in October :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah there is way more snow around the continent than I thought!

I have to say though, on the way home when I walked through the neighbourhood, it was endearing to see all the little children playing in their backyards in their snowsuits and they were just soooo happy. Awww. Glad SOMEBODY was happy about the snow.


Keep the faith…we’re supposed to be sunny and 70 by Sat…you won’t be far behind us!


Oooh, I hope so Island! I am so tired of being COLD!


Wow, sorry to hear about the snow Sina. We have really good weather all this week here in California - San Francisco Bay (in the 80s)…

I hope the snow goes away soon. I can’t believe you guys still have snow!


That d****ed Bush and his global warming! Will he never give us a break? Where’s Gore when you need him? Roanoker


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