Stillborn Baby

A relative delivered a stillborn baby girl. It was her first. She held the baby afterwards for a long time and couldn’t stop crying and begging for the little girl to open her eyes.

The pregnancy was normal and the baby was healthy, and the mother went into labor normally. The hospital said her labor was too early and sent her home with an Ambien sleeping pill. Within an hour or so the baby had stopped moving. She went back to the hospital and they found the baby had died. The do not know the reason for the death and are doing an autoposy.

It is so terrible, and right before Christmas. They have a house full of baby clothes and toys and equipment.


How terribly heart breaking. I will pray for your relative and family.

I am more sorry than I can say. This is absolutely awful.

I will pray for your relative and your family in all my prayers and daily Masses.

Please give our love.

Jesus I beg You to find ways to comfort this poor mother.

There is a new thread posted by ‘mysweetpeas’ “New here and desperate for help after losing baby” and a number of mothers have posted who also lost their babies in miscarriage. They are all deeply kind. Perhaps you may wish to Add to Favorites the thread iso that when she’s ready your relative might read an know that there are women who knew the awful pain of loss of their little ones also. They are all so warm and kindly

Praying for this family.

LORD Jesus
Have mercy on ur Daughter


O God of love
God of life
Queen of peace

Pray for this family.

Our Father
Hail May
Glory Be

:highprayer: :highprayer: :highprayer:

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