Stimulus debit card

Hey all.

Apparently, some people instead of receiving a stimulus check, will instead receive a debit card.

The envelope’s return address is from Omaha (at least mine)

Anyway, it could look like junk mail or a credit card offer, but it’s the stimulus.

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I guess that’s a new thing. When my teenage son got his first real paying job, he had the option of direct deposit to a bank account, or a “pay card” (rechargeable prepaid debit card). The latter I guess is for people who don’t use bank accounts.

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I believe it is supposed to say Money Network or something like that on the
envelope. That is why many people have been throwing it away thinking it is junk mail.

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Legitimate companies who send money cards through the mail are very cagey about labeling the envelope. It will often say “Address correction requested” and have a cryptic, minimal return address. Of course it is usually obvious when a card is enclosed (try to bend the envelope). I am always rightly intrigued when such a mailing comes to me, especially if it was unexpected.

Yes. It sounds like a pretend company.

Then I was nervous when I had to activate it, because you need to put in your social security number.

I would have preferred the check, I could deposit that.

That would make me nervous too. I definitely would prefer the check as I am not using the money for frivolous spending, but for bills, etc.

Sadly, I have not even received my first stimulus payment yet. So consider yourself lucky receiving both!!

This was the first. We just got it. We never got a check.

Oh, I see. Well, at least you got one payment. I have about given up on mine.

Did it go into you account through direct deposit maybe? It was just this week ours arrived.

No, not yet. I had to close my checking account linked with my 2018 tax return
in February because I lost my billfold (I found it 2 days later, but accounts already closed and new ones opened).

For some reason it is taking them a long time to realize social security has my
correct banking info as my social security is direct deposited into my new account
every month.

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