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Ds has a new down comforter on his bed. A few weeks ago, I noticed that his room smelled like dead animal and made him strip his bed and take the bedding downstairs to be washed. Magically, the room suddenly smelled better. :rolleyes:

Well, due to my never-ending mountain of laundry downstairs, I didn’t get to washing his comforter until yesterday. I just got it out of the dryer this morning and it STINKS. It smells like ds’s sneakers! :eek:

Help! I don’t want to have to pitch this comforter because it’s a really, really nice blanket. But I don’t know if I’ll ever get that smell out, especially now that it’s been through the dryer. Any ideas?


Could it be a certain material used to make the blanket itself? Just a wild thought. Anyway…

Certainly try washing it again if you haven’t already. Use the heavy soil cycle and the extra rinse cycle. Use lots of soap and fabric softener.

Between washings, try lysol or febreeze.

Encourage ds to shower often - daily in these hot summer months (I have a son - this isnt easy!)

Also encourage him to don clean pajamas after his shower…

My problem at home is that the family dog sleeps with ds - ugh!!


Do you have a cat? For some reason cats like to pee on down comforters. Try washing it with oxy clean or something like it and see if it still smells.


No kitty (although I’m currently working on DH to let me get one :smiley: ), but one 9 year old boy that sweats like a pig when he sleeps. Even in the winter when the room is cold.

In fact, his younger brother and sister do the same thing. Their pillows will be drenched in sweat when they’re sleeping. It’s really, really gross.


I’m gonna get covered in soap and water after I say this but I don’t use sheets or pillow cases and my blanket hasn’t been washed in like two years. My bed smells like me basically and it’s comforting that way. It’s not a bad smell but it’s a far cry from the way brand new clothes smell.


If they are so warm that they are sweating, why do they even have comforters on their beds? How about trying just sheets or sheets and sheet blankets?


That usually seems to be because the cat has a health problem. Although not always, some of them are just stinkers. :rolleyes:


OK…you’ve got my attention AND you’re *really *scaring me!!




I agree lots of soap and water. Where you or your husband like this as a kid? Ask his mom if he doesn’t know. She will DEFINIELY know! :smiley: My dh always sweated when he was a kid. Both boys are also like this. There are just naturally hot natured. The youngest is 3 yr and I normally just cover him up in a sheet. He usually wears short pjs in the summer.

I would wash his bedding OFTEN, just keep the smell under control. Like another poster said make him take a shower, preferrably before he goes to bed. That’s what my sil always did with both her boys. The youngest is now 18 yr.


masondoggy, if it smells like his sneakers…

Does he wear socks ? I know if I wear sneakers without socks, within an hour they stink. Really bad. The only way I can take care of the situation is by wearing cotton socks. At least 80 % cotton.

Good luck


I’d try another wash with detergent and a scoop of baking soda, then hang it outside to dry, preferably in some sunshine if any is available.


Good thing she lives in Ohio instead of Oklahoma! Sunshine? What is that? :smiley: I think our whole state has been dumped into a really big lake! :eek:


I don’t know about the OP, but my 3 year old sweats a lot, too. But he HAS to have his comforter (he completely covers himself because he wants to “hide” ) AND he wants 2 other blankets dumped on top of him. He calls it “big heavy” - he likes the weight.

This is how he falls asleep but usually before DH and I go to bed we’ll uncover him except for his sheet.

OP, I like the idea of trying to dry it outside, too. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Maybe the thermostat is up too high?



Try using Oxyclean in the wash, and wash and dry it two or three times.

Not all down is washable. I assume yours is?

Once I got a featherbed from Company Store. I had already ordered down comfortors and down pillows from them, which are really nice. They aren’t the cheapest down products, but shopped the winter clearance sales (they have a summer sale too). Its been well worth it because I have had them for years and washed them regularly and they are still in excellent condition.

A feather bed is like a huge fat comfortor that you put on top of your mattress and you sleep on. So now my bed was the ultimate of luxery - like sleeping in a big puffy cloud with the down comfortor and pillows, too. I loved it. But, there was this smell.

I thought perhaps because it was new. So I washed it, and dried it. I had to take it to the laundrymat to do that, because it was huge. It still smelled. I took it outside in the sunshine for two hot summer breezy summer days, bringing it in at night. It still smelled.

So I called Company Store, and told the woman there about my many attempts to rid it of its pervasive smell, and she said that feather products do have a certain odor. (Its like when you handwash a wool sweater. It has a certain distinct natural smell). She said if I could not live with that particular natural odor they would be glad to take it back. And they did, even though by the time I called them it was several months after the purchase. I think they even paid shipping.

So, I wonder if your down comfortor is part feather? If you can feel the stiff part of the feathers when you scrunch it in your hand (whereas down feels all fluff), then it has feathers with the down. Because if your son hasn’t had a problem with stinky bedding before, then maybe it is the down (/feather?) comfortor.


I was just going to say the same thing -feather beds, down products usually do have a funky smell. When it gets wet it’s even worse. Next time I recommend down alternative. I don’t think you can get rid of the smell and I don’t think it’s your son.


Yeah, down can stink. Even after a good washing. Eventually it tends to go away.

My advice is to go to a natural store and buy a little tiny bottle of tea tree oil. Put a few drops (only two or three - don’t overdo it - the stuff is potent) in the wash or rinse water and it should take care of the smell. Then let the comforter air dry in the sun. It should work, at least it worked on our washable down comforters.

ETA: And if it is his sneakers as well, mix a few drops of the oil with some water in a spray bottle and mist the insides of the shoes.


My kids are night sweaters too…

Make sure the comforter is really really dry… down smells horrid when it isn’t bone dry. I agree with washing it and adding baking soda then dry really really good. Then put it up for the summer and buy a summer weight cotton blanket for the bed… the kids are probably like me, I can’t sleep with just a sheet no matter how hot it is.


Agree with Blest… I cannot sleep withouth a sheet and blanket, even if it is a million degrees. Both I and my son are the same way AND we are both sweaty people :blush:

Down is just way too much for anything but the DEAD of winter. Cotton blankets are great for summer, one or two or even three to get the “heavy” feeling, but, they breathe and can be tossed into the wash super easy.

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