Stipend for Nuptial Mass?


What’s the “going rate” for a priest’s stipend who has done a nuptial mass? I’m clueless. :shrug:


When we got our marriage blessed in the church I gave our priest $50 cash. For a big wedding, I would think more like $100 or $150 is better. I was told that it was nice to give him cash since priests get very little cash to spend as they choose. It may be different if this is a big wedding, not a small one just being blessed as mine was. Hope this helps! And…congratulations! Do yourself a favor and buy the book For Better…Forever! by Greg Popczuk (probably spelled his name wrong…)


It all depends. You’re talking the priest, right, not the church fee, not the prep fee, not the choir or orangist fee?

In this neck of the woods, $100 is not unsual, and for a big wedding with a lot of display, $300 is not even unusual.

FrCorey might give you some clues. He posted on another thread that he once received a 1/2 off coupon for a buffet as a stipend from some couple. :confused: :mad:


We offered our priest money and he declined,telliing us to give it to the church.This was 17 years ago.We are in a fairly large parish too.
I’d ask around if you can and see what is common in your area and for your size wedding.
Good luck and many blessings on one of the most holy of your life!


How tacky!! Poor guy…

The priest officiating has done the marriage prep with us but we are getting married in a different parish. So I guess I give a donation to the church and a larger stipend to the priest?


I think we paid our singer and organist $100 or $150 each, and so we thought the priest should get at least that much too :slight_smile: Funny how nearly 4 years later I don’t remember the exact amount–at the time it was such a crucial detail!


The stipend we gave was $150.


We gave our $100 6 years ago. Well… my Dad did. :wink:


We gave our priest $150. I got a nice card and gave it to him personally about a week before the wedding. At our reception, right before he left, he came to us with a beautiful family heirloom bible and a card with $100 and told us to enjoy our honeymoon.

I had actually called up the rectory and asked them how much to give our priest. We have three at our church and each one was different. So it can really vary.


We gave $100, for a rather large wedding, and that was almost 7 years ago.


Well, we had 4 priests and one deacon concelebrate at our nuptial mass (which was ALMOST a year ago…I can’t believe it!) :slight_smile:

I believe we gave $150 to the presider, who was also the priest that did our marriage prep with us, then we gave the other priests each a little less then that, maybe $100? And we gave the deacon a little less then the priests.

What we DID do that I remember for sure, is gave each priest their check with a Mass card from the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Ohio…it’s a Mass card for a whole year, and I know they loved getting them. You can order them online or over the phone…we don’t live anywhere near there, but they know my mom by name because she’s always ordering more Mass cards from them:thumbsup:


What exactly is the stipend for? I gave my priest one (sealed in a card) at my son’s baptism, because I read on these forums that I ought to do so. He looked very embarrassed. I have the feeling he gave it to charity at the first available opportunity.


All I can say is WOW :hypno: How awesome! And completely worth all those stipends if you ask me! :thumbsup:


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