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I’m fairly new to NPF, and I’m using the Sympto Thermal Method. I took a stab at the Couple to Couple League’s home study course as I don’t have a teacher in my immediate area. I’m looking for help from the more experienced STM users.

I’m trying to chart my mucus accurately. I thought I remember reading that you record the most fertile mucus you have in a given day. So let’s say that in one day I have a small amount of stretchy, eggwhite consistency, whitish CM. Then in the same day I also have a large quantity of more lotion-like, not stretchy CM. Do I record that as an S? Then do I record it as a small quantity, since I only had a small quantity of the more fertile mucus?

I haven’t had a temperature shift yet this month. Two days ago, I had a good quantity of eggwhite CM, yesterday just a little of the same. Then the above describes today. I’m a little confused.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I know that CCL does offer guidance with a yearly membership. I was hoping to have a few charts completed before I asked them for help. (I’m on month 2)


My wife and I use STM but I can’t really help you with your specific question because my wife is the expert on the mucous readings since I can’t really help with that part, but my advice to you is to take the course even if you have to drive a little distance. It is much easier having a local person to talk to in figuring out things. My wife and I tried to figure out things with just the book, it was to much to figure out. When you go through the course you learn what the basics are and that most of the book deals with special cases.


Oh how I wish I could take a course. I did talk to my diocese and the closest class is about an hour+ away. They recommended I try the home study. My husband and I work opposite shifts so that our kids don’t have to go to daycare. My girls are only 1.5 and 3. When I’m not working I’m with them, and I don’t have a sitter that could take the girls to drive that distance to class. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining, it just isn’t very feasible to take a class.


If you have any fertile type mucous record it as such. Record the relative amount too, if it helps you. It’s going to take you a bit to recognize the fertile and non fertile mucous accurately and recording all the info you can will be helpful in the long run.

You might want to call CCL and get more specific instructions if you still have questions.



Fertile mucous is the egg white consistancy… very stretchy and slippery and clear…
Other mucous is considered infertile.
It is possible to have a patch of “fertile looking” mucous then then next day have infertile… and still be a few days away from actually ovulating.

Have you done any internal observations on the cervical position?
I, personally, find my cervical position much easier to read…
Do they cover that in the CCLI book?

Good luck…


At a minimum, simply record the most fertile mucus, so it would be an S.

For my own recordkeeping, I would record it as Ms, or big M, small s, to show the relative amounts. When using it to determine peak day, though, it always counts as S no matter how much or little there might have been.


You got good advice. I just want to add that as a new charter myself, self taught STM, it really does get clearer after a few months. The first time I tried to check my cervix, I had no idea what I was doing, but now it is very clear when it is high and open. Also, you get an idea of what is your basic pattern of mucous. I was so excited the first time I charted the temp shift. Really, it is pretty cool seeing how your body works. Good luck!



You’re getting good advice here. I am a 6 year STM user, including 2 years post-partum. Any fertile mucus is fertile. I tend to use the ++++ for my charts. I use + for how much and 1,2,3,4, for how much stretch (in inches). Best advice is for cervical position and mucus, “Keep checking.” Get a good idea of your personal body. CM will become more helpful as you learn your own body more and more. Temps are reliable for me, but CM is a great cross-check!


Well, I actually get like you, two days of fertile type mucus, followed by what appears to be a dry day-in actual fact, this is probably my most fertile day, but for some reason the mucus is only apparent internally.
My dear son, currently pulling all the saucepans out in the kitchen, is proof of this fact.!


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