Stockman sponsors ‘Dog Ate My Tax Return Act’


From the Memorial TX Examiner (a print paper serving the Memorial neighborhood of Houston):

Taxpayers who do not produce documents for the Internal Revenue Service will be able to offer a variety of dubious excuses under legislation introduced by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX 36) a week after the IRS offered an incredibly dubious excuse for its failure to turn documents over to House investigators.

“The United States was founded on the belief government is subservient and accountable to the people. Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to follow laws the Obama administration refuses to follow themselves,” said Stockman. “Taxpayers should be allowed to offer the same flimsy, obviously made-up excuses the Obama administration uses.”

According to Rep. Stockman’s press release on the bill (H. Res. 635), the following would be acceptable reasons for taxpayers to not produce documentation for the IRS:

  1.     The dog ate my tax receipts
  2.     Convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction
  3.     Traded documents for five terrorists
  4.     Burned for warmth while lost in the Yukon
  5.     Left on table in Hillary’s Book Room
  6.     Received water damage in the trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car
  7.     Forgot in gun case sold to Mexican drug lords
  8.     Forced to recycle by municipal Green Czar
  9.     Was short on toilet paper while camping
  10.   At this point, what difference does it make?

(Note: although it is obvious that the Congressman introduced the resolution in a satirical manner, if you click on the links above, you will find that it was, in fact, an actual bill introduced in Congress on 6/20/2014)


While I understand and appreciate satire as much as anyone, I would say that introducing this in an actual bill is an affront to the dignity of Congress.

Well, I would have said that until about 5-1/2 years ago. A Congress with about half its members who tolerate and even defend the actions being satirized above has no dignity left.


#4 made me laugh out loud, but I thought #6 was a tad off. One, Ted Kennedy’s dead; two, and more importantly, even after all these years I don’t think it appropriate to use the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in a satirical manner to score political points.

But that’s merely my opinion.


Congress has dignity??? When did this start?


Steve Stockman may be an eccentric, but his point is both witty and profound. :clapping::clapping::clapping:
The IRS, and the entire Obama regime would be a laughingstock today, if they still didn’t have the power to ruin us. Rob


Good for the Congressman. I fully expect the left to support this wholeheartedly. They wouldn’t be hypocrites now, would they?


No one seems to know exactly when it was lost, but a good guess would be around 1789.


If Lois Lerner can loser her emails and have nothing come of it,
why can’t the dog eat my tax return?

And by the way, a couple years ago,
my accountant’s cat
really did delete my state taxes
by reaching out a paw
and clicking the mouse.

So there.


Are you referring to the people who passed Obamacare, but exempted themselves; who meddle with the “privatized” Postal Service, but abuse the franking privelege; and pass laws to criminalize insider trading, while exempting themselves; who require taxpayers to maintain records for seven years or more but much less for government employees; or some other Congress?


Rep. Stockman is feisty and his list is hilarious. I think I’ll try excuse #7 next year. :smiley:


I really like #10 for those more elderly forgotten returns. Using the same kinds of standards as those of current politicians, that would mean any return that was, say, a year overdue.



Yes, and also those who defend the IRS over this, and ESPECIALLY those who are apologizing to the IRS for having to explain their criminal behavior!



Well, at least the experiment lasted almost a decade. :shrug:


I am not sure a little treason counts. At least the US Senate had the good sense to kick him out. Nowadays, you can do almost anything and still get reelected in many districts.


Wow. This is just downright stupid. This just seems like a way to make it easy for people to get away with tax evasion.


You realize he is simply mocking the lies told by the White House over, well, pretty much everything they do? Hence the IRS -“umm, we deleted lost every email, despite many of them being sent to people OUTSIDE our servers…”

In a sense, he is legally doing what the White House does illegally.


What puzzles me about all this is the simple fact that those e-mails had to also be on the hard drives that received them… so how can there not somewhere be copies in spite of the alleged IRS hard drive failure…???

'Nutherwords… couldn’t somebody from another office bring forward those communications after the fact…? Or would such copies be disqualified as evidence due to the possibility that they could be fake and fraudulent…?



It’s not a criminal trial…yet. So the threshhold for evidence is not as high as a criminal trial. But even then, if the chain of custody could be verified, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be admissible for hopefully Lerner’s trial.


It’s a Congressional Hearing and those e-mails have been properly subpenaed as necessary and they have every right to do so as legitimate oversight.

I’m thinking that it will be very unlikely if none come forward. If the IRS is not covering something then what have they got to loose…?. Are all of Lerner’s e-mail recipients in collusion in some covert way and in the pocket of some Democratic Party…?


Everyone receiving those emails is in on the conspiracy to use the IRS to attack conservative citizens. And yes, everyone involved was a Democrat, and they were targeting conservatives.

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