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I download a book about stoicism and I found out there that their 4 principles are the 4 cardinal virtues that the Church teaches. My question is this:

  1. Does the Church got it’s teaching from the stoics or from the persons who influenced the stoics?

  2. Is it okay for us catholics to practice some of their practices?

  1. The Church is a revealed religion, not an inherited or invented one.
  2. You may practice the tenets of any religion as long as they are compatible with the deposit of faith.
  3. Best not to put a finer point on it.



The four cardinal virtues can be found in Wisdom 8:7 and it is also a philosophical thing which originated from Plato.


The cardinal virtues are pretty much common sense , and are easily deduced by looking around at how people interact with each other.
Certain attitudes and habits work better than others.

Christian Stoicism was popular in the 1800s.


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