Stolen valor: The militiaman bodyguard of ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy is falsely posing as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq


A key figure in the armed militia takeover of a federal building in Oregon has been posing as a retired US Marine to boost his ‘combat’ credentials, Daily Mail Online can reveal.
Brian Cavalier – the personal bodyguard of controversial ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy who lead the group – openly boasted to members of the press that he is a Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But Daily Mail Online has learned that Cavalier, 44, has faked his military background to appear more credible as a militia henchman - a fact sure to anger some of the group’s supporters.

According to US Marine Corp records Cavalier has never served as a Marine, whether it be as a recruit or a Marine Corps contractor.

Bearded Cavalier – wearing military style garb including a shemagh scarf often worn by soldiers serving in the Middle East – joined several armed militia to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon on Saturday – a move which grabbed national attention.

The menacing, 6ft tall bodyguard was also seen flanking Ammon Bundy during a series of press conferences held outside the refuge and has been heavily involved in coordinating security at the compound where the group is holed up.

But despite his self-styled military image and his heavy use of military phrases, we can reveal Cavalier is in fact a tattoo artist with a long rap sheet for DUI and theft, not a former soldier.

Booo.The Feds are going to have a field day with these guys when their illegal occupation is over.


They are starting to run out of snacks, so it won’t be long until they surrender.


I read somewhere that law enforcement was planning on shutting off all power and water to the facility in order to force them out. Has anyone heard more on this?


LOL, they all have cars and can come and go. They also brought generators.

Why are libs here so eager to see a crackdown on a peaceful sit-in?


Because they are breaking the law… and from what I understand, they are going to be apprehended if/when they do leave.


The occupy crowd was also breaking the same laws, I was fine with letting them stew in their own BO.


They were not breaking the same laws. These guys are trespassing on government property… OW was not. There is also a sentencing guideline increasing the severity if they do so while possessing a firearm. Furthermore, the OW protesters didn’t break into a federal building, they were in a park open to the public, that was privately owned. They were probably guilty of misdemeanor trespassing, but not a felony. These guys now are committing felonies.


You are confused, B&E is also a misdemeanor charge, and most the the protesters are just guilty of illegal camping (criminal trespass?)

I know you guys want them to be guilty of horrific felony crimes, so you can justify sending in SWAT. It must be frustrating to have so much resentment and only misdemeanor charges to throw at them. No SWAT team for misdemeanors.


I highly doubt that, DOJ is not going to authorize something that has so much potential to end in a major shoot out.

If they do, and any LE agents die, MANY people, the families, friends of the deceased are going to be upset, why was such force used, what did they die for, was this absolutely necessary, etc etc.

They are still hearing about Ruby Ridge and Waco, I doubt they want those kinds of headlines again.


Well, they’ve got the FBI chasing after someone for leaving bacon on a doorknob. While I find it reprehensible, throwing TP over someones tree on Halloween is more destructive.


The Sheriff disagrees on how “peaceful” they are. His wife felt she had to leave for her safety. Cars can be blocked. Generators can be stopped. I am not a “lib”, but thanks for a better example of ad hominem. Traditionally, conservatives have been quite enthusiastic in their support of law enforcement in their battle against such criminals.


They are committing Seditious Conspiracy. It carries a maximum 20 year sentence.


Sorry for getting your politics wrong but it wasn’t an ad hominem. An ad hominem is a deflection - I responded with exactly why I thought it was wrong and you do seem intent on giving them a body slam when they’ve only committed misdemeanor crimes.


That is an opinion I do not agree with. Even so, I believe in arresting people for misdemeanor crimes, like driving while intoxicated, assault with bodily injury, burglarizing vehicles, etc. Just because a crime is a misdemeanor (which I do not believe is the case here) is no reason to allow it to go unchecked. I believe in supporting police in their job of stopping all criminals. I thought I could count on conservatives for this sort of support, instead of defending and coddling criminals.


According to Raw Story, Joe Oshaugnessy, an Arizona militiaman who has been actively seeking volunteers through social media to join the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has gone AWOL and drinking away donation money.

Some of his friends have tearfully announced that Oshaugnessy, who is known as “Capt. O,” had left the refuge Wednesday and was instead staying at a motel nearby.

Jon Ritzheimer, the Arizona militiaman known for organizing anti-Muslim rallies and fundraising through his “Rogue Infidel” site, went to see Oshaugnessy at the motel and found him drinking there, according to Maureen Peltier, a disabled National Guard woman who claims to be the group’s official spokeswoman.

Peltier said Ritzheimer had confirmed that Oshaugnessy had kept the money he had raised through social media for himself and had spent at least some of it on a drinking binge. Some of the militants have reportedly been spotted eating at area restaurants during the standoff, as well.

Oshaungnessy, meanwhile, wrote on Facebook that a “smear campaign” had been launched against him. “Because I have been vocal about not supporting the actions taken by the individuals inside the compound apparently they have desired to launch a smear Campaign against me,” he wrote on his profile page. “Even though I am one of the only Patriots on the outside doing everything I can to try and prevent this from turning into another Wako [sic] And making sure to protect the safety of all involved. To what I say my reputation is sterling.”

The militants have been allowed to come and go freely from the nature preserve in the absence of a law enforcement presence, but at least one of them, Brian Cavalier, the personal bodyguard of Cliven and Ammon Bundy, failed to return after a newspaper report revealed he had lied about serving in the U.S. Marines.

Looks like they are in the process of self-destructing. When they get back home, the DOJ, the FBI, etc., needs to pay these boys a visit.

You can’t dream up stuff like this. Most probable their communication equipment has been compromised and I wouldn’t be surprise if there is not a law enforcement informant embedded within this group.


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