Stonewall’s ‘Gift’

Rod Dreher reflects on the success of the LGBTQ movement, noting that the way for the sexual revolution was first paved by heterosexuals. The nuclear family has not yet been abolished, but the revoluion is still ongoing.


I’ve often thought that the pushing of sexual boundaries begins directly on the doorstep of heterosexual married couples.


No question, the sexual revolution that exploded in the heterosexual community made it (a) certain that the homosexual community would follow, and (b) made it equally certain that the heterosexual community would then have no principled argument (and no will) to deny their claims. The fallout from The Pill is still affecting society in a thousand different ways.


Even earlier, when divorce and remarriage became acceptable.

Chastity is a difficult virtue. And part of managing it is having the support of the people around you, upholding you, and showing good example to your kids. Not in a shaming way, either. We have to lift each other up and not tear each other down, and at the same time be proclaiming the Gospel.


That is one selectively quoted piece. It ignores the long section about the importance of marriage to keeping families together, and the rights that marriage a grants with regards to health insurance and pensions and the likes.

Selective quoting like that just makes your position look weak to anyone who actually reads the full article.

I don’t think so. I think it looks at it objectively - the long-term effects of same-sex marriage…

People who know their faith will never accept it - no matter how legal it is. And while I’m sure there are those who say they don’t care about what others or what their God may think, that they’ve gotten what they’ve wanted & are intent on pushing the limits farther still, it’s only evidence that man is out only for himself in this regard.

After quoting LGBT activist Nathaniel Frank at length, Rod Dreher sums it up this way:

“Understand what he’s saying here: Frank laments that the LGBT rights movement has not eliminated the nuclear family and marriage. He is glad that it has brought about Teen Vogue articles teaching teenage girls how to receive penises into their rectums. He glories in the fact that the movement is alienating an increasing number of people from their bodies, and leading them to mutilate their breasts and genitals with hormones and surgeries. And he concedes that people like me were right to say back in the day that gay marriage was going to de-nature marriage as a child-centered institution.

Frank makes clear what some of us have known for a long time: that for the last 25 years, LGBTs have been the Leninist vanguard of the Sexual Revolution. To an old-school Cassandra like me — one of the Cassandras who was mocked in the 2000s as a paranoid — this entire column reads like an I told you so, and a vindication of the Law of Merited Impossibility (“It will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it”). Not that it does a bit of good now.

Still, it’s worth reflecting that if Maggie Gallagher had published a column making the same claims in, say, 2006, the column and its author would have been denounced for fear-mongering and bigotry.

As I’ve said in this space many times, the gay marriage campaign succeeded so thoroughly and so rapidly in large part because it built on what heterosexuals had already come to believe was true about sex and marriage. Gay marriage was inevitable, because straights had already queered sex and marriage via the Sexual Revolution. Yet gay marriage was a Rubicon for our society because it took those radical shifts past the breaking point, and locked them in to law and culture.”

He might as well have added: Pope Paul VI was right. Sex has been separated from procreation. Marriage has been redefined down to near extinction. Children have become disposable. Traditional family is not dead yet, but the ground beneath it is being continually undermined.

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Thank you to the OP for posting this article. It’s excellent and thought-provoking–a perspective that I have not considered.

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It continues to degrade, as 10-year-old “drag queens” go on Good Morning America and get ovation and applause from a bunch of clueless adults.


Pope Paul VI was exactly right.

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What? People have sex just because they enjoy it? Gasp…


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