Stop Planned Parenthood!`

Should YOU be forced to underwrite
Planned Parenthood with your tax dollars?
*]Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America and has killed more than 3 million innocent children at its facilities
*]Planned Parenthood’s top goal for the next 25 years is to push its agenda of promiscuous sex everywhere in our society
*]Planned Parenthood puts minors on birth control without parents’ knowledge or involvement
*]Planned Parenthood has demonstrated a willingness to cover up for rapists and child predators
*]Planned Parenthood pushes pornography onto children with shocking and offensive websites, books, and literature
*]Planned Parenthood is openly hostile to Christianity, and regularly mocks people of faith
*]Planned Parenthood hurts women with misleading and dishonest medical information
*]And Planned Parenthood does all of this with over $265 million dollars a year of your tax money[/LIST]Millions of Americans are fed up with this insanity! Take a stand and tell your elected officials that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
We, the undersigned, ask all elected officials to ensure that Planned Parenthood receives absolutely no taxpayer dollars.

sign here!

Thanks for the link. I signed it.

Me too! :thumbsup:

Signed it.

Tens of millions of our tax dollars (thousands of them mine) are being used each day to fight an immoral and counter-productive war. When we can put an end to that, I’ll re-direct my energy and attention to the pittance PP is receiving by comparison.

I hate to be the fly in the ointment, but where is the proof that PP gets that much money out of taxes, or any for that matter? Under what bill?

All the page says is that it is so. It doesn’t offer facts. I am adamantly pro-life, but I like facts on hand before I sign something.

That is a matter of state law NOT a Plannened Parenthood rule. If you want that changed petition your state, as the birth control laws are different in every state. Please don’t blame an organization for following a law you happen not to agree with. I am not saying Planned Parenthood is a good thing, but it you are going to make accusations then you should at least get your facts right and those facts change per state as there is no national law on that matter. One more thing if your state says that the parents do not need to be notified then if a Dr. notifies the parents without the patients approval they can get in BIG trouble for violating the patients right to confedentiality.

Please don’t attack me for what I know to be the laws, what I said holds true, at least in my state.

I signed the petition. thanks for the link.

I did not sign it… too much unfounded hype.

If even one penny of my tax dollars get spent to kill babies, that is to much! I signed and then sent it off to all my family. The war on terror is nothing compared to the millions of babies that have died since abortion was legalized. Innocent children denied life is far different than adult willing to give their lives for their country!

i agree with all of the above.

1.) I am not against the war on terror (and I respect Island Oak’s position as well). Dialogue is important, in my opinion.
2.) I am against abortions. I am also against euthanasia, and host of other wrongs that are anti-life.
3.) I want facts, with cites (not sites) from legitimate sources, including the congressional letter, to prove that this is the amount the federal government is putting out on PP, before I sign something. It is not enough for a person to put up a website, tell me something is so without the facts to back it, and then expect me to sign his or her petition. This is why places like and exist. To simply jump on the bandwagon without the facts could backfire on all of us. And then PP looks good. I won’t take that risk.
4.) If this is a state measure and not a federal one, without knowing the state of origin is Illinois, my state of residence, I could invalidate the petition.
5.) In my opinon, it is not a good idea to simply do something because somebody else tells me to do it.
6.) Not signing this petition, without facts, does not make a person less pro-life, and certainly does not place one in a state of mortal sin.

So, you see, it’s not just being passionate about PP not getting any money. It’s my trying to use common sense in the situation.

American Life League put out the petition and I have researched them and I am in agreement with the organization.

For a breakdown on PP:

Title X, federal funding for family planning, is funded at 283,103,000 on 2006

That is a matter of state law NOT a Plannened Parenthood rule

Yes, this is true. Interestingly, to receive Title X funding the provider must agree to “[p]rovide services without regard to religion, race, color, national origin, handicapping condition, age, sex, number of number of pregnancies, or marital status”. Only 21 states explicitly allow minors to consent to contraceptive services, but Title X family planning clinics, including PP, exist in all 50 states.

BTW, there have been attempts to require parental notification and consent before a minor is given contraceptives from a Title X provider.

Just because you did does not mean I should take your word for it. It would have been helpful if American Life League put links such as those astegallmc supplied, instead of a one-page site of what appears to be a demand, not a request.

You’ll see Prolife Action League doesn’t just flop a petition out there. Or maybe American Life League has other information, but it isn’t offered from the link posted.

Thank you, astegallrnc, for the links. I will review them and draw my own conclusion on the petition.

OutinChgoburbs, it seems you feel I am passing judgement on you and I’m not. I am simply stating my opinion. If you look at the petition, at the bottom you find the ALL. Click on that and it takes you to the American Life League web sight. I apologize if you felt I was somehow attacking you. That was not what I was doing.

Planned Parenthood’s annual reports are a good place to start for information. While reading the reports, you might also notice that not only do they receive gobs of government funds, they also receive such ridiculous amounts of money through their services that you might begin to wonder how they remain a non-profit.

I remember when I first started into the abortion debate and read PP’s annual reports. LOL. We all know the answer to why abortion is such a woman’s right…follow the money.


**One thing i don’t understand is that i was on the government website that a pp had posted a link to and I read the federal guidelines for giving out the money and they said that the clinic had to offer NFP and were only eligible for grant money if they did abortions only in the case if the mother’s life was in danger and incest and rape…

Anything out of that area as well as coercing woman to get an abortion is punishable up to 2 years jail time…Perhaps i misread or understood this? BTW I am not advocating abortion is correct in the above circumstances i am just reiterating what the site said…

See PP link for the government website**

[size=3]they said that the clinic had to offer NFP and were only eligible for grant money [/size]

Yes, a Title X clinic must “[p]rovide a broad range of acceptable and effective medically approved family planning methods (including natural family planning methods) and services (including infertility services and services for adolescents). If an organization offers only a single method of family planning, it may participate as part of a project as long as the entire project offers a broad range of family planning services”. Source.


[size=3]if they did abortions only in the case if the mother’s life was in danger and incest and rape

I cant’ find this. Title X funds may not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning. Source.

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