Stop shooting the messenger!

You are forgetting about the defense of natural family planning that had to happen after HV was promulgated, because the traditionalists claimed “Pope St. Paul VI made a “drastic change” in Catholic tradition by making the purpose of marriage happiness of the couple rather than procreation.” and that " Pope St. Paul VI’s reasons given in [the 1968 encyclical] Humanae Vitae for limiting and spacing children are wrong and come from “Protestant” reasoning: against Catholic tradition." and that “Natural Family Planning (NFP) is no different from artificial contraception and is, therefore, evil. It is a corruption of traditional teaching, not a development of it.”

When the vast majority of theologians and Catholic scholars have accepted and welcomed this Magisteriums perspective on the immutable truths of faith, as the way forward for Catholic faith, those with the issues should be seeking clarification for their own benefit. Not doing so publicly trying to derail ordinary lay peoples trust in the Magisterium. You know that dubia’s have been quite common but before this one, no ordinary person had ever heard the term. They are meant to be dealt with in the realm of those qualified in high theological matters. Not made into an attack on the Pope by ordinary people.

That sums it up very well.

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I’m not familiar with some of those 4 that are listed. But, I’ll bet you’ll find that most angry critics of Lifesite News are pro-abortion and often leftist on most issues.

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