Stop the Hush Rush Doctrine


When liberals, socialists, and communists take over a government, the first thing they do is silence their opponents – one way or another.

When Lenin seized power in Russia, he murdered millions – then established a government newspaper Pravda (“Truth”) to spread communist lies.

When Castro took over Cuba – for days after the fighting ceased – folks heard firing squads executing the new dictator’s enemies. Then came the lies.

Having seized control of the U.S. Congress, left-wing Democrats are now trying to shut down talk radio so the American people can no longer hear the truth from Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and a host of other conservatives.

The future of our great nation hangs in the balance. Please support Senator Coleman’s bill, which would prohibit some future liberal-controlled-FCC from reviving the “Fairness Doctrine” and shutting down talk radio. Let’s let the free market determine who stays on the air and who doesn’t.


They all have a right to speak. They should be purged off the face of the earth. The end justifies the means:D


So let me get this straight
You want to stop people from silencing their political opponents by opposing a law that requires people to allow their political opponents to speak?


No, I think that the bill could require, REQUIRE, a “right wing” discussion or presentation to give equal time to a “left wing” or opposing point of view.

I say… lefties… get your own show… oh they did.
And the show failed…:shrug:


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Thanks for all who participated

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