Stopped believing in God


Ok fair enough but Jesus never mentions purgatory


Ok I understand still fokelore


Ah see but hell is described as literal fire and brimstone


Are you joking if u can name one person on earth who is willing to enter eternal torture name them


Ditto to that.


I’m sure there are but what I’m saying is a place or torment should not exist at


It’s BECAUSE God loves us so much that Hell exists. The only way to go to Hell is to say “no” to God’s free gift of salvation. Salvation is literally the easiest thing to attain. All that you need to do is be baptized and confess any sins you commit after baptism. If someone says no to God’s free gift, they obviously don’t love him. Why should anyone who doesn’t love God be forced to spend eternity with him? The torment in Hell isn’t God’s doing. It is the natural result of a place that is completely devoid of God’s presence. God didn’t create Hell as a place of suffering. It is that way because of the fallen angels and people in it who refused God’s grace and made it that way.


It is much, much worse than literal fire and brimstone. That description is used because it’s the most awful way to die.


Why not?
Should Hitler be in heaven?
Should people who refuse God’s love be rewarded?


Didn’t say they should be rewarded but not one deserves unending torture no matter how bad.


This is the best point I have seen so far but shouldn’t a merciful god force his love soon us if he knows we are going to be part of this.

Can u be taken out of hell If u beg for forgiveness in hell

What if I die and I have been a bad person but I don’t want to be apart from god will I be sent to hell against my own will?


I find it kind of difficult to believe that you can read other people’s minds, that’s kind of magical thinking. I know your age has a lot to do with it, but you’re really aggressive towards the God that supposedly doesn’t exist, and toward the people that believe in said God. When you come here telling people that, and people are trying to help you, and you treat them instead like refuse, it makes you seem less like you want an answer, and more like a troll. I’ve struggled with this very thing, and do you know what? I came to the conclusion that God has to exist, and not even the Christian God, even though that’s the only God there is, so obviously the one I believe. I’m twice your age, do you think I haven’t been thinking about this Longer than you have? Do you think this isn’t something I’ve studied? Do tell me, do tell me, how something can randomly generate itself, because well from what I know about physics and biology, my mother having a biology degree, that’s not really possible, it is possible for some species to reproduce by themselves, but it still had to start somewhere. Now if you’ll excuse me, because I have to bathe. You talk about suffering, but how much of it have you actually lived? Have you ever been to an Indian Reservation? You want to talk about suffering go there, go up to Pine Ridge. you want to talk about suffering? Go to an abortion clinic where babies are torn limb by limb. This is going to sound terrible, but it’s a very good thing that hell exists, because it makes sure that people are held to a moral standard. You claiming not to believe God, doesn’t make him non-existent. I’m also skeptical that at your age, that you can make a decision like that.


We receive temporal punishment for the magnitude of sins in this life, but the grade of eternal punishment varies by the degree of our final disposition. Hell is not just punishment for the sins of this life, but for the continued and perpetual rebellion against the ultimate good, which varies by person.

Purgatory, the cleansing of sins after death, is in Macabbees II, and the Church has prayed for the dead since the beginning. Purgatory was part of the Church well before the middle ages. And neither are we sola scripture.


Adam: It’s not unusual to challenge your faith when you are a teenager. It may even be healthy. Many later recover their beliefs.

I think of all those fire and brimstone stories as metaphors to an eternity with the absence of God. It is not as much that hell is so bad, but that heaven is so great - that living without it is unbearable.


Those in hell perpetually refuse to beg forgiveness. It’s no longer in their nature to change the disposition of their will.

It’s not the magnitude of a person’s sins that sends him to hell, but his final disposition and impenitence for those sins. Those who are in hell are those too attached to the wrong things to give them up.


If the Devil begged for forgiveness, he would be forgiven.

People in hell don’t beg for forgiveness.

  1. God cannot force his love upon us because that is not true love. How would you like for someone to force you to love them? That’s not true love at all.

  2. Theoretically you COULD be taken out of Hell if you beg for forgiveness, but everyone in Hell hates God with such a perfect hatred that they don’t want forgiveness.

  3. If you refuse God in this life, then you will refuse him in the next life. God gives EVERYONE exactly what they need in order to attain salvation. Anyone who refuses that does not have their heart in the right place. That attitude will not change after you die. In fact, it will only become more solidified. God, right now, longs for your salvation. He is giving you everything you need, but you are refusing him. You are freely CHOOSING not to believe. If you die refusing God’s love, then you will not have a change of heart in the next life. The thought of living for eternity with God will disgust you so much that you will prefer the pains of Hell over living with God.


I understand ur point of having a god because there’s no way anything could come into existence but 1000 years ago we where the centre of the universe I honestly believe it’s more realistic that there’s another’s anwser that are simple minds can’t comprehend within are own sensory and 3D perception of the universe.


Actually the Catholic Church teaches us otherwise. The Angels fell first. They are much greater intellectual creatures than man and not given to passions. Yet out of pride they would refuse to obey and choose eternal suffering.

I’ve lived long enough to meet people who are so full of pride they would choose Hell.


It might sound silly to you, but you have to remember that you are not the Creator of all that exists. What seems silly to you might be of utmost importance to God, even if you don’t understand how that could be. I have to admit that I find it rather hard to see why some sins are even sins to begin with, but I have to trust the Church because I am only a fallible human being with very limited knowledge and experience. The Church, on the other hand, has 2,000 years worth of tradition - including Sacred Tradition, the stuff passed down from Jesus Himself. I think it’s fair to say the Church knows more than I do.

It wasn’t created by the Catholic Church. Although Purgatory was not infallibly defined until relatively late, the concept was around since just about the beginning. Remember that doctrine can develop (which means we can come to a fuller understanding of it over time). Here is a tract you can read if you want:

Not necessarily. God is not a hippie. Actually, God is also mentioned to be just. For example, see Hebrews 10:30 and the surrounding passage.

Having said all this, what exactly is it you’re looking for? Do you want to believe and you just find it hard to, or have you freely chosen to stop believing and you’re okay with that?

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