Stopped watching TV

Has anyone else given up TV? I have found it too depressing and no longer watch the news when I can help it. At my job, I am somewhat forced to since there is a huge tv in the lobby of the hotel I work at. I try to put on GMA and Regis and Kelly which is hardly the news. At home I watch as little as possible. There is nothing but doom and gloom on most news channels. :frowning:

I have not given it up. I still like to watch movies. Especially older ones on Turner Classic Movies. I do try to be more specific though. Most of the regular shows on prime time are all even morbid. I heard Mother Angelica say something on the lines that people are not as scared of hell anymore because we turn it on in our living room every night.

I agree with turning off TV for the most part. Though, the last thing I was “turning off” was my car radio. But in desparation in searching for anything decent, I ended up turning on a catholic talk radio station (Relevant Radio). It didn’t take long to become hooked. It took a while to get used to talk radio as opposed to music… but I can say that my life has changed immensely for the better since then.

SO if you are as desparate as I was… perhaps its worth turning on something catholic? Relevant radio can be listened to online ( I’ve haven’t watched it much, but maybe you’d like EWTN? /shrug It might be worth a shot, even if its not what you are used to.


We’ve given in up in our house, actually just about a year ago.

I haven’t really missed it.

I still keep a USB tuner attached to my computer that gets in local stations. It is sometimes helpful to watch the local weather report when a storm or such is expected.

But really, why bother. Other than EWTN, there really isn’t anything worth watching.

I used to be a big fan of the History Channel, but they cannot seem to cover Christianity in with anything other than sensational antagonism. Oh yea, and UFOs and the Loch Ness monster, like THAT somehow legitimate history :rolleyes:

I hear you!

The news channels are, for the most part, blatantly partisan and anti-Catholic.

I watch EWTN, cooking and painting shows, and mostly cartoons (though even the ads on kiddie shows are becoming a bit grotesque and overtly sexual).

I have found that I have a lot more time for other things since I have (mostly) given up tv. I will watch an occasional movie. I discovered that half my time with the tv was channel surfing which I got fed up with. If I want to watch something, I will get a movie through netflix. I listen to EWTN programs from their audio library which I can put on my MP3 player, which is good to listen to while walking. I really like George Rutler and think he has some great insights. As far as talk radio goes, I listen to Rush once in awhile. I find that Glenn Beck is way too depressing and gloomy. Hannity is kind of the same all the time and he can be annoying at times.

i stopped cable about 6-7 years ago, and TV watching declined more and more after that. now once in a blue moon i turn it on, but then promptly turn it back off. nearly everything is immoral and sensationalized. there may be some good stuff out there, but to filter thru all of the garbage, i’d never find it.

i just need to stop “watching” the internet now :o

Same here, we turned off the Idiot Box when our children were in high school and now that they are in college and Graduate School, they actually inquire if potential roommates are from TV families or non TV families. It is 98% a sewage pipe of media into homes these days. I like NOT supporting the cable companies too.:cool:

Not to mention the ads! :thumbsup: Good for you!

Haven’t stopped…but a lot less.Even if I do, I watch the Golf Channel more than the others. :smiley:

I know that most, if not all, sports channels focus on sensationalism. Does this equate with the sin of pride?

I have no use whatsoever for “doom and gloom” in any of its ugly, vile incarnations, so I do not watch the news on TV (and haven’t for a long time), except for weather and traffic reports. My taste runs more to programming such as EWTN, ancient G-rated sitcoms and movies, cooking, gardening, needlecrafts, or home-improvement shows, and some cartoons (I tend to prefer the cartoons that are aimed at very young children, such as “Max and Ruby”. Go figure. :smiley: )

By the way, I usually don’t see much of the advertising – I’ll either use that time to check out another channel, or mute the sound for a couple of minutes, and do something else. :thumbsup:

But there’s good news on the news channels right now! That captain has been rescued.

But, yeah, TV for the most part has lost its’ quality. I can’t turn a single channel, especially during prime time, without seeing or hearing something scandalous, vulgar, obscene, etc… (even news channels, and the Weather Channel aren’t immune. Female news casters seem to wear clothes showing excessive parts that you really didn’t want to see, or even tell a news story that you really didn’t want to hear) For quite awhile, I was left with watching (besides EWTN), History Channel, Discovery Channel, TLC. Now, even those are going downhill. The Discovery Channel had a special last week on the Lord’s Passion, only it was trying to make Jesus out as a “failed politician”, and that “all well known things were really inventions of the Middle Ages”. Once Mythbusters (Discovery Channel) and Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC) are finished, I think I’ll toss my TV out the window. :slight_smile:

I do agree with you that TV is mostly negative, and the news is to the left of Lenin.
I’m trying to discipline myself to read more, and not watch too much TV.
I am addicted to my computer, and spend way too much time on line reading the daily news from mostly Conservative web-sites, such as,,washington

I am a proud cable tv viewer!

I don’t watch trash tv and I like keeping up with reality…via the news.
Also watch discovery health, tlc and A&E…lots of decent programs if one wants to find them:thumbsup:

I don’t watch any trash sitcoms, but I do watch a lot of sports, and the History Channel.

I think many cable channels have gone down hill. I was never a huge fan of VH1, but years ago they would actually play videos such as James Taylor and Kenny Loggins, mostly harmless stuff. Now they have all sorts of “reality” programs with all sorts of despicable characters. A&E use to be good as well when they had British mysteries and Biography and Sunday Morning with the Arts. They have gone downhill as well. The Hallmark Channel has some good movies on at times, but I don’t go out of my wayto watch them.

I can not get over the fact that this post is as old as it is & I just saw it now . I have not had a TV hooked up to antenna, satelite, or cable in several years. Over 10 mayby over 15. I get along just fine. Welcome to the no tv generation :smiley:

A lot of TV stations don’t even show their original themed content anymore, shows that deserve their own spinoff network, shows that look like they got lost and landed on the wrong network (i.e., crime themed shows on MSNBC and History Channel).

Some examples -

MSNBC - To Catch a Predator (I thought this was a documentary at first…), Lockup at San Quintin. Create a Crime TV Network instead (there used to be Court TV).

History Channel - Gangland (belongs on a Crime TV Network), Modern Marvels (that’s not history…, at least 100%), Axmen (chopping lumber is history??? :confused: )

Discovery Channel Network (that is, all sub-networks) - Reality TV has infested these stations…

TLC - Where’s the learning? It’s all Reality TV now. I guess it’s now “The Life Channel” (ironic considering some ads I’ve seen… and the fact that they used creative editing on a Jon & Kate Plus 8 (ok, technically reality TV, but it’s SOOOOO cute! Probably the last show I watch on TLC.) season finale to spread Internet rumors about their marraige just to generate viewership. That’s LOW!!!). Then there were the birth control ads during J&K Plus 8. :confused:

The Animal Planet - Now a daily dose of “Animal Rescue”, and “Animal Attacks”. :shrug:

The Weather Channel - Storm Stories, When Weather Changed History, and other weather-related disaster shows belong on their own network.

ABC, NBC, CBS, USA, and other networks have crime dramas (or reruns). I think that’s too saturated. To make matters worse, they try to gain viewership by having, or showing raunchy scenes. “Game” shows (more like your 70s/80s game shows infused with Reality TV) just don’t belong on Prime Time TV. Some drama/action shows seem to have the same theme (like Flashpoint - spend 5 minutes showing a crime gone wrong, 40 minutes of the police figuring out how to rescue the hostage, 5 minutes of the rescue attempt, 4 minutes of the rescue gone bad, 1 minute of sniper shooting, 5 minutes to cool off).

Lifetime is kind of interesting, though. Despite 90% of the movies essentially being a soap opera on steroids, half of the movies I’ve seen will always have some scene where you can tell the character is Catholic (praying the Rosary, going to a Catholic church, etc.). I guess I’ll give it a point for effort.

Local channels - All “People’s Court” wannabes, and (usually), very bad cartoons (not for kids).

Funny thing is… my dad wants to get Verizon Digital TV with some 500 channels… I’m really only down to 1 - EWTN. In fact, I could do away with Cable TV and just watch it on the Internet.

I pretty much stop watching any national news and even reading national stories, why? Tired of gloom and doom. Enjoy L&O and CSI (good writing). Watched Shadow of Doubt last night, love Classic Movies…Love Hitchcock… There is quite a cesspool out there on Cable and Network TV though…

i might catch one of the cable tv news shows in the evening just to see what happened during the day.

mainly, i stopped watching during the day because everytime i turned the tv on either obama was giving a news conference or robert gibbs was giving a news conference and i find both of them boring and tiresome.

i also like to watch the old movies and i also like the history channel and national geographic. i also like american experience on public broadcasting.

when the tv is not on, i can find many things to do.

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