Stopped watching TV

just saw a “news” article on yahoo, how to save on your cable bill.

i started saving best when i dropped cable completely :thumbsup:

I would happily have EWTN on all the time—but my cable company doesn’t carry it at all hours. Even most cartoons are spoiled for me now.

I was without television service for years and never missed it. I had movies on tape that I would watch while I was eating- I was single at the time. Tv is like life, there are good and bad and it’s up to you to decide. Are you going to watch trashy shows or wholesome shows? There are plenty of decent shows on tv. It might be gardening tips or history or science or whatever, but you have to make the decision. TV is not inherently evil, though I don’t think it is generally a constructive creation. It helped me escape from reality after really stressful days so I could be normal again.

If you can’t find anything you like, turn it off, why waste your money? Read instead or do something else.

I dropped mine this weekend. The only channel I watched regularly was EWTN and I can listen on the radio. I might kind of miss Turner Classic Movies, but they haven’t run anything that I really like for ages, anyway.

Like someone else said, now I need to work on “watching less Internet.”:smiley:

i said that! :wink:
as for the old movies, you can get netflix to fill your void for the old movies. :thumbsup:

I’m still unsure whether it’s selfish to abandon this particular battlefield. What was once wholesome is now hellish.

AFA does some good work in this regard but if anyone knows of other decency advocates, please let me know.

I haven’t owned a TV for 30 years. The posters so far have missed one important thing. What about having a TV when you have children? This bothered me the most when I had one. When you are out of the house, do you know what they are watching? Do they do channel surfing when you are gone and watch shows promoting gay life and show sex between unmarried people approvingly? Some shows too for example put abortion in a good light.
People put their television in their living room, the dominant place in family, This makes it the center of family life, including the family life of your children. Should you put television and what it provides in the heart of your home?

I gave it up in '92 or '93. Good decision then and now.

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