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Hello. I am struggling with intrusive sexual thoughts. I have OCD/Anxiety, and whatever or whenever I am doing something, bad thoughts come into my mind. I don’t even control it, it’s not like I want to think of these things. I don’t know what to do. I always go This text will be hiddento mass, pray the rosary, and do everything to try and stop it. It’s terrible. Please give me advice on how to make this stuff stop coming into my mind. Thanks.


Seek professional medical help. Strangers on this Internet forum cannot give you medical advice.


Why not consult your priest, he has probably been asked about this before and should be able to help.
God bless.


Have you been diagnosed? If so, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the gold standard, drug-free treatment for anxiety and OCD. Catholic Dr. Gregpry Popcak is a resource in this area. His site offers a quick quiz which help you to decide if you should seek professional help:


I have OCD myself.

  1. seek help

  2. do not fight the thoughts; pay them no mind. Let them pass. Think of your intrusive thoughts like the rantings of some drunk guy on a city street yelling about aliens being responsible for 9-11. These are ego-dystonic, unwanted thoughts. They are not sins. The more you try to suppress the thoughts, the worse your distress will be. They are just thoughts. We all get weird, unpleasant thoughts. The difference between people with OCD and others are that we often panic, and think are thoughts are “dangerous” and need to be “neutralized”.
    Trying not to think about something is the easiest way to make yourself think about something! Imagine if I told you to NEVER THINK ABOUT A CAT DRIVING A CAR. What did you think of? I am sure the thought of a cat driving a car passed through your head.
    So, just take a deep breath and don’t try to wage war against these thoughts. Remember they are just intrusive ramblings and you are not responsible for them. Pay them no mind and let them pass.


Agree totally with Canvas. I’ve heard and read this sentiment expressed several different ways and from different traditions. It all comes down to not becoming attached to the thoughts.


Pray to Saint Michael. Get a Miraculous or St. Benedict Medal or both and pray the prayers associated with them.

Get your Gaurdian Angel involved. Also Satan hates it when you recite the Hail Mary.

Tell Satan to drink his own poison…


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