Stopping Masturbation addiction and recovering physical and spiritual health from its consequences

I’m 23 yrs old unmarried guy. I’m addicted to masturbation and its been almost 8 years since I started masturbating. I started watching pornography almost before 8 years and from that day on-wards I got addicted to Masturbation and Pornography which has now completely ruined by spiritual life, physical health, mental health and now finally it is disturbing be in my career as well by not allowing me to stay focused, motivated towards my job.

I was a very spiritual kid praying daily rosary, reading bible and brought up in a spiritual catholic family. I used to be the Altar boy for daily mass. But now everything is upside down. I hate praying and whenever my mom calls me to pray rosary or read bible I hesitate to go. I’m completely hooked to the computer since basically I’m a computer programmer. And in night times I watch porn and masturbate while all are asleep. I’m doing my best to stop this worst habit that is ruining my health very badly. It has cause me varicocele recently, because of hormone imbalance by lower body is gaining more fat, I’m always tired, lethargic, lazy, lost my interest in everything, becoming bald, lost my stamina, and etc at this young age. It makes me feel like my life is done and everything is finished.

I really want to get back my strong health. I have ruined my health up-to the level of premature ejaculation problem, very lean upper body and fatty lower body, hormone imbalance, watching at girls with lustful eyes, lost so much of memory power and concentration, short term memory loss, back-pain, scrotal pain, small genital, weak arms and legs, shivering, narrow shoulders etc. I used to look nice and had a nice and strong body and mind before I started this practice, I learned well and scored good grades in exams. But now its opposite. I want to stop this worst habit that is ruining my life. Could anyone please help me to get rid of this problem? Nowadays I’m even noting down in a journal while I masturbate. I know its a mortal sin and trying hard. I even go to confession occasionally. But I want to stop this completely and put all my focus on my career, STRONG HEALTH, family, get rid of negative thoughts, greed, lust etc. I wanna live a happy, peaceful and relaxed life. I even try to pray rosary but nowadays I don’t feel like praying it at all. I don’t spend time for prayer at all. Somewhat I need to get rid of all these issues. Please help. I have dreams to become successful in career and lead a good spiritual life. What can I do? Can anyone guide me continuously through this journey to get rid of this addiction?


You need to develop temperance. Get a notebook. Every time you feel as though there is a need to sin, instead of going to a porn sight go to a prayer sight. Look through some prayers and hand write the prayer into the book. No copy and paste **** either!!! :tsktsk: Hand written. Hopefully the effort will distract you and turn your thoughts back to God. Give it a try… And PRAY!!! A LOT!!!

I am not advocating masturbation but I want you to know that all men have masturbated. The problem is this is a self-centered act. Also, pornography depicts a form of sexuality that is not rewarding, a form of giving or realistic in any sense.

Finally, you seem to have issues beyond masturbation and pornography. I would suggest the problems of masturbation/pornogrpahy are a symptom of other underlying problems related to low self-esteem/confidence. I suggest you make an appointment with a psychologist because you appear very unhappy. It is common for very unhappy persons to masturbate. Seek professional help and know that God loves you just as you are/

This program has had some good success. It might be worth looking into.


I would suggest going to an addiction support group. Get some software to either block porn sites and/or send reports to an accountability buddy. A big problem with these things is that they make people feel isolated and it is difficult to overcome this problems alone.

Eliminate things that make you want to watch porn. You do it when you’re alone, so you need to be around other people or stay busy when others are not around. Maybe volunteer to help parish or charity websites if you’re a computer person, that will fill in some extra hours outside of work to keep you busy. Do not watch TV programs, films or listen to music that give you lustful thoughts.

Also, you seem to be experiencing what may be signs of depression. A change in habits would be good. Try a new hobby, change things up a bit. A change of scenery might help your brain overcome these problems. Otherwise, you may need to see a counselor or get on some medication for a while.


They helped me…with God’s grace, they’ll help you.



You’re hiding from something. It will be painful for you to realize what you are hiding from. But facing your pain is the only way for you to feel the profound and overwhelming love the Lord has for you.

Don’t worry about praying the rosary, or the forms of prayer. Those disciplines will come, if God wants them for you. You need to just spend time with God.

But I know from experience: you won’t do it, unless you are completely open with someone in your life who will hold you accountable. You need intimacy with people, not things. And no, I’m not talking about romance. Real friendship. That is my prayer for you.

Be encouraged, brother. I’ve been where you are, and I can tell you that there is freedom for you! :thumbsup:

Let me know if there’s any other way I can help you.

I feel for you, the best thing I had a problem in the past, only minor but I know how you feel, during my time the first thing I did and is essential is reconciliation, it reconnects you with god and absolves sins. Just like turning on the light, the darkness goes away straight away! The same thing happens in reconciliation! The next part is prayer, we are get urges, the thing to do when this happens is pray, pray to our mother and pray the rosary! Get your mind off and reflect on God and the happy things in your life!

Hope this helps.

Dude I feel for you. I battled the same addictions and temptations in my earlier years. And to some degree I still do battle with those temptations. I myself have damaged my own mind through that stuff. It is a very difficult battle. And I challenge you to look deeper. This is a struggle between God and Satan for your soul. Not only that but it seems as though you’ve developed a very serious addiction. As a psychology major, I can tell you that you definitely need both a damn good confessor and a damn good counselor/psychologist. This is something very serious morally, spiritually, physically and psychologically. Sheer force of will won’t work either. Frequent confession, mass, prayer, penance, etc etc.

You can do it. God never allows things to happen to us that we cannot handle. Believe me, I know. Turn to God and turn to his people. They will help you to correct this wrong. They will bring you Peace.

God be with you my friend, and may St. Michael the Archangel defend you in battle

The statement that "all men have masturbated is completely false. I think studies put the number pretty high, like around 85-90%, but not 100%.

You are on the right track to be making the effort to stop! You recognize that this is a problem and you want to change it. God bless you! These are very difficult habits to stop but you can with God’s help.

But I would concur with Steph above on software.

  1. You will need to get software to block the possibility of going to porn sites. Otherwise you’re just going to fall again and again. To not do so would be like the man who says he wants to stop a porn habit but keeps a stash of porn magazines in his home.

  2. Also, I would go to confession frequently. It’s helpful if you can go to the same priest if you find one who is helpful in giving advice on this matter.

  3. Regularly pray to God to help you. Also, ask the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph to pray for you.

  4. Put holy images up in your room. A Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary are a few suggestions.

Hi all,
Thanks for your replies. I’m still doing my best to get rid of this habit. However, I failed a couple of times and did masturbation a couple of days ago. But, I’m not gonna give up. I’m happy that you people are here to support. I’ll keep you all updated and get help from you to change my life into a spiritual one.

Thanks and Regards :slight_smile:

I have a hard time dealing with masturbation as well. I can go for a month or more but then I pick it up again and it is hard to stop.

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