Stopping one prayer for another?

Let’s say that I am praying and, mid-way through a prayer, I remember a sin that I committed, for which I had repented and am resolved to go to confession, am I to stop and once again confirm my repentance, thus stopping my prayer or whatever else I am doing, or am I to continue with the prayer and just let the memory out of my mind? I know this may be an odd question, and may be out of place, but when I pray, I tend to remember many sins, both recent and very old, which is good in the sense that I am less likely to forget them before confession, but also interrupts my prayers and sometimes my work or leisure. Would just putting them out of my mind be impenitence?

Sounds like spiritual warfare. Same thing happens to me. You may repent, I would say, or reserve a special time for examination of conscience and act of contrition sometime during your prayer time. I believe that it is good to repent everyday, but we don’t want to lose concentration during our prayer time because we can’t stop thinking about our faults

I agree. It sounds like spiritual warfare- like a demon doing its best to disturb your peace and prayer. You could keep a notepad handy to jot down things to remember later and continue with the prayer you’re saying at that time.

Another idea is that when a sin you’ve already confessed pops into your mind, you could say" I know, dear Saviour, that You’ve forgiven that sin." You’d be making an act of faith in the Lord’s forgiveness, which could be really good in defeating the demons and strengthening your faith.

Hope this helps.:smiley:

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