Storage Wars vs. Auction Hunters

Why don't the same people who show up to bid on abandoned storage units on Storage Wars show up to bid against the guys on Auction Hunters? I find it hard to believe that there are so many storage unit auctions that there isn't any crossover between the two shows.

There are many, many, many units for sale. I once thought the same thing, too. So I did a search for local storage unit auctions. There were hundreds for one week. The next week had hundreds more. And that was just for my area.

There is enough greed to go around. I think of the people that have lost the items that these bozos root around in, in order to, I will not use the term “earn a living” as not to equate this with “work”, make money. I am sure the storage facilities try to contact the renters of these units many times before allowing the “vultures” to descend upon it to pick it clean, but the real humanity in is the story of the people that have left their life’s accumulated possessions abandoned and why. The glee that is displayed on screen is perhaps the end result of personal tragedy.

The highest level of personal accomplishment of “gain at someone else’s expense” is in the show “Auction Hunters”. They really seem to gain a sense of worth at gaining something for nothing and in taking a chance at buying what is behind “door number three”. It is like “Let’s Make A Deal” with others belongings either stupidly or tragically abandoned.

Barry Weiss of “Storage Wars” is the least objectionable but that is not saying much. The personal animosity displayed at “running up the bid” for no other reason than one-upmanship, arrogance, and vanity in varying degrees by the others makes me feel worse at the end of the show than I was feeling when I started watching. I don’t watch these shows anymore, nor any show I feel I need to take a shower afterwards.

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