Store Mask Bully Unleashes on Children, Tells Them 'I Hope You All Die'

What a way to think as these people do.


Store Mask Bully Unleashes on Children, Tells Them ‘I Hope You All Die’

By Johnathan Jones

Published July 29, 2020 at 3:42pm

Even young children are not being spared during a rash of recent incidents in which pro-mask bullies have attacked complete strangers during their patrols of stores, parks and other locations looking for mask violators amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

A disturbing video posted to social media is a perfect demonstration of what can occur when those who feel entitled to enforce mask policies go too far.

A mother who entered a Walmart in Gainesville, Georgia, with her small children last week became the victim of mask bullying when she and her children were verbally assaulted by a grown woman wearing a mask, who felt compelled to point out that they were not. . . .
. . .
. . . Desiree Alis Vansickle, is confronted by an apparently deranged stranger.

Despite Vansickle informing her assailant that her children were too young to wear masks, per the store’s policy, the woman went on an unhinged rant. . . .

. . . Looking at Vansickle and her young children, the masked assailant said, “I hope you all die.”

Vansickle, who was obviously stirred by the encounter, responded, “You take care of yourself.”

“You’re going to kill me and my husband,” the masked assailant added. . . .

As the masked assailant walked away, she turned around and boasted, “I’m wearing a mask,” as if her virtuous decision to cover her face absolved her from the verbal assault on the children and their mother.

Walmart exempts small children from wearing masks in its stores, CNNreported, but incidents such as this are becoming a trend. . .

. . . The young mother is the latest victim to report being bullied . . .

Last week, a couple in California was actually attacked with pepper spray by a woman who allegedly became enraged when she saw them having a picnic outdoors without wearing their masks. . . .

. . . some citizens have taken it upon themselves to become the enforcers of mask policies and mandates.

The country is without a doubt going through unprecedented times, and tensions are high. . . .

Instead of seeing more examples of unity amid the county’s woes, we are too often seeing the worst in people.

While the masked assailant in Georgia had her face covered, she let her own mask — so to speak — slip off, exposing her as a person filled with rage, fear and aggressiveness. . . .

As with all of these videos, you never know what happened before the clip that is shown. I noticed that the mother did not have a mask, nor did others in the store, so it is likely this was taken where masks are not required. In such situations, the best thing is to stick to stores with a masking policy; go when the crowds are minimum; or order online, delivery, or drive-through.

FYI, the mother’s statements confuse me. She said she did not have a mask because she was not expecting to go into WalMart? What did she think would happen when she parked in their parking lot? The article said this was when the new police began. I have found here that mandatory masks took about two days to gain traction, then there was almost universal compliance.


I have to wonder what makes this bully think that her behavior is any more acceptable than that of her opposites, who go after employees who are just trying to enforce masking policies.
She obviously needs prayer.


While I don’t approve of bullying children, there have also been a large number of incidents of children being mocked or bullied because they do have masks on and someone disapproved of them wearing a mask.

As for the mom and kids in Walmart without masks, the mom was an adult, and as I understand it, Wal Mart has a nationwide policy requiring adults in its stores to wear masks. Mom didn’t have her mask on and was violating the policy, so she was breaking the rules herself and setting a bad example for her kids as well as inciting someone else’s wrath. Actions have consequences. It’s hard for me to take the mom’s side when she herself broke the rules.


I keep my masks in the car so when I have to go somewhere I have them available to me.

In my small town pretty much everyone I see wears a mask. Kind of rare to see someone who isn’t wearing one.


I do that since the day I got almost to the grocery store – I could see it ahead of me – before I realized I hadn’t picked up a mask on the way out of the house.
Not one of my smarter mornings. :frowning:

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When I read the article it mentioned the incident took place ‘last week’; I wonder if it took place before Walmart had the mandatory mask policy. Also the mother may not indeed have been planning to go to Walmart but found herself in the vicinity and then remembered something she needed to get.


Likewise. If I am going somewhere, it is always by car.

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Except that time I got out of the car at the carwash…

Tis_Bearself on mom because she did not wear a mask.

as well as inciting someone else’s wrath.

I disagree. Not wearing a mask in public is not a reason to “incite someone else’s wrath”.

(In all fairness to you, you probably meant this in a subjective sense. SHE, the bully thought of this as an “incitement”. Not objectively, that wearing or jot wearing a mask is an incitement to bully.)

It’s not a valid reason, but that’s obviously what it did.

puer.dei . .

but that’s obviously what it did.

Yes. I think it was an inappropriate response by the woman who bullied her and the woman’s children.

She thought herself worthy of pronouncing herself as the self-appointed “mask-sheriff” even as her mask came off.

Ridiculous behavior by her.

The presumption should be that someone not wearing a mask may have a valid reason not to as well as there are a number of invisible disabilities which mean you can’t wear them easily. That said due to the massive amount of abuse we’ve received when asking people to put them on when entering the store the company has advised us to stop asking for our own safety. Apparently on Monday (when I was thank God on a day off) the asst. manager asked a woman to please wear one and she started throwing jars of food at him and broke up several hundred pounds of food. I’ve seen the footage and I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes its way to YouTube at some point. By Sunday evening I was so fed up asking people to do it I slept for hours the next day, if people have legitimate medical reasons not to wear it fine. However, if people simply can’t be bothered then that’s another thing and just illustrates an underlying selfishness in our modern culture where being inconvenienced for a few minute is treated as a crisis situation.


@JharekCarnelian . . .

The presumption should be that someone not wearing a mask may have a valid reason not to as well as there are a number of invisible disabilities which mean you can’t wear them easily.

Excellent point JharekCarnelian.

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Narcissistic Hedonists tend to be like that.

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Bullying of any kind, for any reason, is unacceptable. Bullies feel entitled to pick on others. It’s a form of self-righteousness. This lady should have just minded her own business.

And wishing anyone to die, especially children, is way out of line.

Some folks are just mean-spirited. This lady needs to take the mother’s advice, “You take care of yourself.”


Yes, but a lot are also mentally ill. Watching this woman, I questioned whether she was of a sound mind. That might explain her actins.


That’s quite possible.

It NEVER ceases to amaze me what complete strangers think they have a right to tell other complete strangers. I just can fathom people doing this. sad.


I know what you mean. It’s all I think going back to the Geraldo Rivera type of ‘let it all out’ culture.

Instead of ‘everybody has a right to his or her opinion’ today it is “everybody has to hear MY opinion on everything I want to say—and they dang well better agree with me too.”

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